Zelensky’s despised ex-best friend says Ukraine will lose the war

Zelensky’s despised ex-best friend says Ukraine will lose the war

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It didn’t take long for Arestovich after being thrown under the bus to begin attacking Zelensky’s regime.

If you knew anything about this guy, you’d know he’s not one to react positively to being thrown under a bus.

He is now publicly saying that Ukraine is losing the war, which is the exact opposite of what everyone in the West keeps saying.


Ukraine has squandered an opportunity to prevail in the conflict with Russia, Aleksey Arestovich, a former adviser to President Vladimir Zelensky, said on Friday.

Speaking in an interview with political analyst Yuri Romanenko, Arestovich said that “if everyone thinks we are guaranteed to win the war, that seems highly unlikely.”

What do you think, Polish President Andrzej Duda’s assessment… that there is virtually no certainty that Ukraine will survive… Did he say that for no particular reason, or did he say that on the basis of some kind of information?asked Arestovitch.

Well, it seems to me that he said it based on some kind of information.

Duda said several days ago that a “decisive moment” in the conflict could come in a few weeks or months. “And this moment is the answer to the question, whether Ukraine will survive or not,” he explained, stressing the need to support kyiv with Western-made weapons.

Arestovich also warned that Ukraine should not consider themselves invincible. “We’re only invincible as long as we’re not at each other’s throats. When this happens, we are pretty much invincible, in short order and unexpectedly for ourselves.

The former official said Ukraine had “not only missed a military opportunity, we lost time, and the Russians began mobilization, restored the front [line] situation, and even created superiority in some places.” He added that “not only has the West not given [Ukraine] weapons, we missed a public chance, in terms of domestic and state politics [policies].”

I’ve given up on reporting the details of the war itself, but you can take to Twitter and see what’s going on (South Front is also a good place in English for details of the war). The Ukrainian front line collapsed, as expected following Russian mobilization in the first quarter of 2023.

There has always been no way for Ukraine to hold back the Russian army. It took much longer than anyone would have predicted, because no one would have predicted how far the United States and Europe would go, and no one could have predicted that the Ukrainians would be ready to die by the hundreds of thousands, ostensibly to force gay sex on the children of Donetsk. But the inevitable was always inevitable.

You are going to see more and more of these Zelenskyists leaving the ship.

In fact, it’s actually possible that the opposite of the obvious happened – it’s possible that Arestovich was thrown under the bus because he said they were going to lose the war, not that he say so because he was thrown under the bus. He hasn’t said it publicly so far, but he may have said it privately.

This will probably continue for years, and I don’t think Putin will ever get the commitment that Ukraine won’t join NATO. Kissinger now says they should join NATO. Even at 99, he’s still an indicator for this stuff.

But there’s no way Russia won’t permanently control Donbass, there’s no way Russia will collapse, there’s no way the West will win absolute victory.

Eastern Ukraine will stay in Russia, the rest of Ukraine will join NATO, both sides will declare victory and you will have a kind of eternal war in some areas between Russians and Americans/Poles for a while until until it eventually erupts into a larger WWIII-style conflict.

Assuming he doesn’t have a heart attack and die, Zelensky will continue to make his night videos making weird faces.