Yuba City Council to consider removing crosswalk near YCHS

Feb. 5—The Yuba City Council is expected to vote Tuesday on removing a crosswalk at the intersection of B Street and Cooper Avenue near Yuba City High School, in hopes of improve pedestrian safety and traffic flow during school pickup and drop-off times.

According to city staff, the high school requested the removal of the east crosswalk at that intersection, which has flashing rectangular pedestrian markers. All four quadrants of the intersection have curb ramps that do not comply with current ADA requirements.

Yuba City Public Works personnel observed the intersection of B Street and Copper Avenue during school hours and documented drivers entering the roadway when the nearest crosswalk was They were cleared, only to find that the next pedestrian crossing was occupied. The vehicles were then forced to wait in the middle of the intersection and disrupt traffic.

“The traffic disruption appears to cause driver impatience, which has the overall effect of reducing pedestrian safety,” the city said.

Public Works staff recommended removing the crosswalk, as requested, due to the presence of multiple crosswalks at the intersection and the fact that the west crosswalk provides a better location to direct students.

If the request is approved, Public Works maintenance staff would remove the crosswalk, relocate the flashing light at the intersection of B Street and University Avenue and install temporary barricades on the entrance ramp. Permanent improvements to the ramp would also be required, which city staff are proposing to incorporate into future sidewalk improvement projects.

The California Vehicle Code requires that crosswalks may not be removed unless notice and a public hearing are held at least 30 days before their scheduled removal. A removal notice would also be posted near the crosswalk, if approved.

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