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YouTuber ‘ruins’ baby announcement

The arrival of a British influencer’s first baby has sparked a major outcry online after the sporting rival announced the birth of her boxer boyfriend, angering fans.

Molly-Mae Hague and her partner Tommy Fury, who met on The Island of Love UK in 2019, welcomed a baby girl on January 23.

A week later, the celebrity couple – who have amassed millions of followers through their TV relationship – have just shared a series of adorable snaps with their new bub.

The name of their daughter has not been revealed.

However, their loyal fans are angry after the special moment was “ruined” by YouTube star Jake Paul.

The professional boxer has been trying to get Fury into the ring for a high-profile fight since 2021, taking to Twitter to say the British sports star has “no excuses” now that the baby was born on January 28.

“Jake Paul is wrong for that, he just tries to do anything that can get into Tommy Fury’s shoes,” one TikTok user said in a now-viral post. video.

“He knows Molly-Mae would have wanted to announce it herself.”

The video sparked an outpouring of support from other social media users who all agreed Paul was ‘wrong’ for revealing the baby was born before Molly-Mae and Fury had a chance to share the new themselves.

“I’m sorry for Molly that I couldn’t announce it the way she wanted to,” one commented.

“If I was Molly I would be mad,” said another.

As another raged: “He ruined it.”

Molly, a mega influencer with almost 7 million followers, had documented her pregnancy for fans – previously telling them she was “can’t wait” to introduce them to her first-born.

Fans, however, showered the new mom with congratulatory messages following her official post, which included a photo of the new family in the hospital.

“01/23/23,” she captioned the touching snap with a heart emoji.

“Oh my Molly️ gorgeous just absolutely gorgeous,” one said.

“Sobbing, congratulations to you beautiful people,” said another.

“She’s perfect,” someone else added.

Paul and Fury have since scheduled their clash for February 26 in Saudi Arabia, which some say will take him away from his newborn baby.

Their long “feud” saw them schedule two more fights which were later called off, leaving tension to boil between the pair.

Fury would win $2.5 million (A$3.5 million), while Paul will likely pocket at least four times that amount, The mirror declared.

“Jake Paul’s boxing career ends February 26th and I can finally move on to mine,” Fury said in a recent statement.

“Every time I go out right now, everyone asks me about the Jake Paul fight.

“After this fight is over, everyone will be asking me how it feels to have knocked out Jake Paul. The world is about to see what happens when a real boxer faces off against a YouTuber.

YouTuber ‘ruins’ baby announcement

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