Yemen: Huthis welcome new resolution on child protection TOU

Yemen: Huthis welcome new resolution on child protection


Yemen: Huthis welcome new resolution on child protection

The Huthi Party has signed an action plan with the United Nations to stop and end the practice of using children in armed conflict to mark the beginning of a two-month nationwide ceasefire.

Many children have been killed, many injured and schools and hospitals attacked in the conflict.

“The United Nations welcomes the efforts made by all parties to the conflict to prevent and address serious violations of the rights of the child,” said Virginia Gamba, the UN special envoy for children and the armed conflict. Is an encouraging step.

Virginia Gamba signed the action plan as a witness in New York City and welcomed the additional steps taken to ensure the safety of Yemeni children.

Children have suffered a lot in the seven-year war in Yemen.

What is in this action plan?

By signing this action plan, all parties to the conflict in Yemen are committed to preventing and ending serious abuses of child rights.

The Houthis have promised to recruit children for war and stop using children in war.

Supportive roles also include preventing the use of children. As well as children will be released from combat roles during six months and will be assisted in their rehabilitation.

The plan also includes protecting children from death or injury and ensuring the safety of their health and education facilities.

“The hardest part of this journey is starting now,” the special envoy said.

Reach out to humanitarian aid

According to the Special Representative’s Office, the Yemeni war has now entered its eighth year and since the beginning of the war, more than 10,200 children have been killed or maimed. And more than three and a half thousand children have been confirmed to have been used in the war.

Yemen tops the list of countries most denied access to humanitarian aid, and children are among those affected.

The Special Representative urged the Houthis to consider providing humanitarian assistance agencies to conflict-affected communities and to prioritize children’s rights and needs.

“The action plan must be fully implemented, and it must pave the way for concrete steps to improve the safety of children in Yemen,” he stressed.

Peace is needed in the end

According to David Grassley, UN Resident and Humanitarian Aid Coordinator for Yemen, the plan is a step in the right direction to ensure the safety of the country’s children.

David Grisley said: “The United Nations is committed to the betterment of children and is assisting the authorities in the capital Sanaa and the forces under their control to carry out this action plan.”

In addition, Philip Duamel, UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Representative, described the signing of the action plan as a milestone for Yemeni children whose lives have been badly affected by the conflict.

He also hoped to see the cooperation of all stakeholders in the implementation of this action plan and to ensure the safety and well-being of the children.

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