Worried about muscle loss? Here are 4 easy ways to compensate.

If you notice that your handshake is becoming weaker, walking to the car with groceries is becoming more difficult, or sometimes it is difficult to get up from a chair, you may be suffering from muscle wasting. It’s something that comes with it Aging, inactivity, malnutrition or certain health conditionsbut it is also the result of rapid weight loss and growing concern about People taking weight loss medications.

“Due to the significant weight loss that occurs very quickly with the new obesity medications, people subsequently lose a lot of muscle mass. Now people are starting to talk about there potentially being an epidemic of people with low muscle mass in the future.” Carla Pradoa registered dietitian and director of the Human Nutrition Research Unit at the University of Alberta in Canada, tells Yahoo Life.

“If you achieve weight loss, there is still a risk that 11 to 50% of the weight will come from muscle,” he adds Dr. Dominique Williamsmedical director of the weight management program at Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters in Norfolk, Virginia. “If you don’t get enough calories from food, your body will deplete its energy reserves trying to figure out where to get to the next level of energy—and it will start pulling from the muscles.”

Accordingly Suzette PereiraMuscle health researcher at healthcare company Abbott, says muscles play “a big role” in a person’s motility, or ability to move, and energy levels; Research has also linked it to immune system support. “That’s why it’s really, really important to maintain muscle and maintain it long-term,” she tells Yahoo Life.

One way to do this is to exercise and exercise, because Pereira says there’s a “use it or lose it” mentality when it comes to building muscle. But that’s just one piece of the puzzle.

“Most people only think about exercise, but nutrition is important,” says Prado. “All interventions can probably…

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