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Have you ever been so obsessed with a movie or TV series that you wanted to consume every bit of content related to it? We know this feeling – that’s why we’ve put together this list of wondrous podcasts that pair perfectly with these contemporary film and TV classics. For those of you who loved The Big Short, Chef with Jon Favreau, Air, A Million Miles Away, BlackberryAnd we crashedThese podcast recommendations will definitely be your next go-to content – ​​whether it’s on your daily commute, while cleaning the house, or on your daily walk.

Chef (2014): wonder how i made it

in acclaimed how i made it Podcast by Wondery, Guy Raz interviews the world’s most famous entrepreneurs to learn how they built their iconic brands. In each episode, the founders reveal deep, intimate moments of doubt and failure, and share insights on their ultimate success – offering real-life setbacks to the same story embodied by Carl Casper (played by Jon Favreau). cookWhen Casper leaves his prestigious steady gig to pursue his food truck dream. how i made it A master-class on innovation, creativity, leadership and how to overcome all kinds of challenges on the way to building your own business.

The Big Short (2015): Wondery’s Spellcaster: The Fall of Sam Bankman-Fried,

From Wondery and Bloomberg (the creators behind the award-winning Shrink Next Door, caster magic Takes listeners on the incredible ride of young crypto billionaire Sam Bankman-Fried, who achieved fame and fortune before his business…

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