Wisconsin commentator Charlie Sykes leaves The Bulwark, the anti-Trump website he helped found

Longtime Wisconsin political commentator and former Milwaukee radio host Charlie Sykes announced his departure on Wednesday The ramparta conservative website that opposes former President Donald Trump.

Sykes said Feb. 9 will be his last day publishing his “Morning Shots” newsletter and podcast for The Bulwark, which he co-founded in 2019. Sykes will remain a donor for MSNBC, where he publishes opinion pieces covering the Republican Party.

“As much as I love publishing a 2,000-word morning newsletter and six podcasts a week – and having conversations with the smartest and most interesting people in the world – there’s always the risk of being overwhelmed by the volume of idiocracy that exists,” Sykes wrote in his Thursday Bulletin.

In a job On X (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday, Sykes said he would continue to write and comment, “but at a bit more measured pace.”

Sykes added that he “can’t wait to access that part of my brain that’s not available.” TrumpTrumpTrumpSykes has become one of the most prominent conservative figures in Wisconsin to join the “Never Trump” movement. The former president is expected to become the party’s nominee again in 2024.

“Everything is on the line this year, and it is more important than ever that rational, principled voices from the center-right oppose the right’s mad rush toward bigotry and demagoguery,” Sykes wrote in his press release.

In 2016, Sykes gained national prominence when Trump called into his radio show, resulting in a controversial interview that lasted more than 15 minutes.

At the end of that year, Sykes left the popular political talk show he hosted on WTMJ for 23 years. While acknowledging having lost listeners and facing criticism from his interlocutors, he declared that his decision was motivated by personal reasons and not by the “political season”.

This article originally appeared in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Charlie Sykes leaves The Bulwark, the anti-Trump site he helped found

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