Willoughby Veterans Treatment Court Receives Final Certification

Feb. 3—The Willoughby Municipal Court Veterans Treatment Court recently received final certification from the Ohio Supreme Court Specialized Records Commission.

To receive certification, a local court submits a detailed application, undergoes a walkthrough and reports on its practices, and provides specific program materials in response to the certification standards, according to a press release.

Ohio Supreme Court Chief Justice Sharon L. Kennedy praised Judge Marisa Cornachio and the Willoughby Municipal Court for meeting the standards.

“Specialized cases provide an alternative to incarceration and reflect a community’s belief in second chances,” Kennedy said in the release. “They are for people who are willing to work to overcome the personal challenges that led to their involvement in the justice system.

“The court and community partners work together to oversee treatment, training and support, providing local solutions to local problems under the direction of the local court.”

The certification standards provide a minimum level of uniform practice for specialty dockets throughout Ohio and allow local courts to innovate and adapt their programs to meet the needs and resources of their community.

“This program is important to me because I come from a family with a history of military service,” Cornachio said in the release. “Our community recognizes the sacrifice of the men and women who serve and this role provides them with the support so they can continue to take pride in the lives they lead.”

Certification requirements include establishing eligibility requirements, evaluating the effectiveness of the specialized file, and establishing a processing team to implement the daily operations of the specialized file.

The team is led by the specialist judge and may include licensed treatment providers, law enforcement, court personnel, etc.

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