Willie Geist remembers feeling ‘a bit emotional’ after his daughter Lucie got her driving license: ‘It was a moment’

Whether it’s teaching your daughter to ride a bike or watching her jump into the driver’s seat of a car, Willie Ghost becomes nostalgic for the steps taken by Lucie.

Willie told Jenna Bush Hager about how his 16-year-old daughter got her driver’s license and how emotional it was to see her drive away for the first time.

“She’s a good kid with a driver’s license now,” Willie said. “She just got her driver’s license. It’s a big moment, as many of you parents know.”

Willie called Lucie a “good” and “responsible” driver, adding that he’s not afraid of her being on the road “because I know her and I know how careful and conscientious she is.”

Lucie is Willie and his wife Christinethe eldest child. They are also the parents of a son George.

A proud father, Willie shared that the hardest part was “watching her leave for the first time, whoa.”

He told Jenna that he and Christina had picked Lucie up from school in two cars to tell her that she had passed her test. Lucie was then able to drive herself in her own car, which made Willie an “emo”.

“She pulled away. She was driving in front of me and Christina and it was a little emo,” he said. “The first thought I had was I taught her to ride a bike in Riverside Park in New York, you stand behind her, you hold the seat.”

“And you watch her leave on her own,” he continues. “And she turns around and says, ‘Oh, Dad doesn’t hold the seat anymore, I did.’ And I had the same feeling.”

Willie is happy for Lucie now that she is a teenage driver, but knows that “it’s a moment” in parenting and Lucie’s life. He also noted that Lucie is a good parallel spotter, thanks to her own abilities of being “one of the five best parallel spotters in America,” he joked.

In 2022, Willie first shared with Hoda Kotb that he had barely teaching Lucie, then 15 years old, to drive. At that time, he was also emotional about bringing her home after she was born.

“She’s 15 and we went driving for the first time, and I…

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