Will the 2024 solar eclipse be visible in Arizona? How Storms Could Impact Visualization

Arizonians may depend on a passing weather system to view a solar eclipse that will occur across North America for the first time in seven years.

The eclipse will occur on the afternoon of April 8, and most of Arizona will experience a 60 to 65 percent partial eclipse that will peak around 11:20 a.m., according to NASA in a USA Today graphic.

A weather system moving through Arizona would replicate a pattern the state is seeing of cloud cover and low chances of rain, according to National Weather Service offices across Arizona.

Here’s a look at the cloud cover for this special day and its expected impact on eclipse observations.

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Meteorologist Ryan Worley of the Phoenix NWS said skies could be overcast in Phoenix on April 8. These clouds could potentially affect Valley residents attempting to view the eclipse, depending on their distribution and thickness in the atmosphere.

Worley further added that forecasting the weather for the eclipse was difficult because it would occur in more than two weeks and the weather pattern was prone to fluctuations.

However, Worley said the sun could still break through the cloud cover depending on the intensity of the overcast sky.

Worley noted that the system potentially responsible for the cloud cover aligned with trends seen in March, characterized by cloud cover and falling temperatures.

The estimated high on April 8 is in the mid to upper 70s, but depends on which system could bring cloud cover.


NWS meteorologist Carl Cerniglia mentioned that uncertainty in long-range weather models made it difficult to provide an accurate forecast for the day of the eclipse. However, he added that “given the configuration, there is a pretty good chance of cloud cover.”

Cernigila added that the potential April 8 storm could impact much of southern Arizona.


Flagstaff would likely see a storm system pass through much of northern Arizona on April 8, according to Megan Taylor, a…

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