Why Intel shares rose today despite bearish momentum for artificial intelligence (AI) stocks

Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) Shares rose 4.2% on Wednesday, despite stock prices Nvidia, Super microcomputerAnd Broadcom were down or flat.

Advanced micro devices also barely managed to break the bearish trend for AI stock today, with the price up 0.97%.

There’s a common reason why Intel and AMD gained ground despite declines in the valuation of other high-profile companies with substantial exposure to artificial intelligence trends.

Why are most AI stocks falling today?

In spite of the S&P500, Nasdaq CompositeAnd Dow Jones indexes that all end in green, a lot AI Stocks saw significant pullbacks in today’s trading. The reason for the withdrawal likely stems from another development in the rise in tensions and technology-oriented power struggles between China and Western powers.

During a visit to the Netherlands today, Chinese President Xi Jinping told Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte that attempts to limit his country’s technological rise would not be successful. Xi’s comments followed moves by the US and the Netherlands to restrict China’s access to chip-making equipment. This mainly meant that ASMLThe world’s most advanced lithography machines for semiconductor production could not be exported to China.

Of course, Intel is not immune to these pressures. But Intel investors received information today that increases bullish sentiment for the stock despite geopolitical risks. The company’s stock price rose on exciting news indicating that production of the company’s 3 nanometer (nm) processor designs could soon scale up quickly.

Intel’s next generation of processors are on the way

According to a report published today by Taiwan Economic Daily, the…

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