Why California and Texas are allies in Kirsten Dunst’s film

Civil warthe animated film from A24 that follows a team of journalists as they rush to Washington, D.C. to document American citizens fighting against each other across the country and rebel forces descending on the White House, Reserve A surprise from the outset: California and Texas, generally political opposites, are allies in the war.

At a special screening in Los Angeles on Tuesday, writer-director Alex Garland explained the “intentional” decision to unite the two, saying it was “in part to get around a sort of reflexive, polarizing position in which the people could fall, that’s one thing.” , but in fact that is not the main thing. The main thing is to know how the president presents himself and what we can deduce from it.” The president, played by Nick Offerman, disbanded the FBI, used airstrikes against American citizens, and established himself as a three-term leader.

“Then it means that two states that have different political positions have said, ‘Our political difference is less important than that,’” Garland continued. “And then, if you can’t conceive of that, what you’re saying is that your polarized political position would be more important than a fascist president. Which, put like that, I would say, is insane. It’s an insane position to be in. So it’s kind of an oblique comment and I think that’s how the movie works in general. It’s not about explaining these things away, but it doesn’t mean avoiding them either.

Offerman added that the collaboration of the two states – which in the film formed the Western Forces – “serves several purposes, but one of them is to immediately say: ‘This is not meant to represent the world as it is. he is.’ But I…

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