Why AP called the Nevada GOP caucuses for Trump: The race call explained

WASHINGTON (AP) – Former President Donald Trump easily won Thursday’s Nevada caucusesthe second Republican presidential election held in the state in just three days, but the only one that will have an official impact on the race for the GOP nomination.

The Associated Press declared Trump the winner at 11:06 p.m. ET, based on an analysis of early voting results showing him with an overwhelming lead in six places across the state. By the time the race was called, almost all of the ballots cast in the caucuses were for Trump, about 98% of the total vote.

The scale of the victory was overwhelming, with Trump above 90% in every county where votes were counted. At the time of the AP’s call, he had won all votes counted in two of those counties — and there was not a single county in which Binkley had a vote total measured in double digits.

Unlike other states, Nevada has held two Republican presidential elections, both this week, following a dispute between state officials and the state Republican Party over how presidential elections should be organized. In 2021, Nevada promulgated a new law which moved away from the Iowa-style presidential caucuses the state had held for years in favor of a traditional state-run primary. The Republican Party of Nevada opposed the plan and chose to hold caucuses on Thursday to divvy up delegates, essentially disavowing the primary and rendering it meaningless.

Although Republican voters were allowed to vote in both non-binding primaries and binding caucuses, the party barred candidates running in the primary from also showing up in the caucuses, forcing them to choose one event rather than another.

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley opted to enter Tuesday’s primary, where she was the only major active candidate on the ballot, but still finished far behind a voting option titled “None of these candidates”. Trump chose to participate in the caucuses. The caucus poll did not provide a “None of the above” answer…

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