Who are the candidates present in the March 19 ballot in Florida?

On March 19, the Florida presidential primary, also known as the PPP, will take place.

That’s a long name for what will be a narrow vote in most of Florida’s 67 counties, since the Florida Democratic Party had only one candidate, President Joe Biden.

Republican voters will choose from seven candidates, although all but three have withdrawn from the race, leaving former President Donald Trump, Nikki Haley And Ryan Binkley.

Although only Republicans can vote for a presidential candidate, in some counties, local elections are open to a larger number of voters. To check which races may be held in your area, click on your out-of-state county Division of Elections website.

Who is on the presidential preference primary ballot in Florida?

The following candidates will be included in the presidential preference vote, although many listed candidates may have suspended their campaign or withdrawn from the race.

Why are Ron DeSantis and others who withdrew still in the running?

The 2024 Florida presidential preference primary will take place on March 19.

Florida law states that if an applicant does not submit a formal withdrawal by December 12, 2023, the the candidate’s name must remain on the PPP ballot

“A vote cast for any candidate appearing on the ballot will be counts as a vote for that candidate in this election. »

Who can vote in Florida’s presidential preference primary?

Only registered Republicans can vote for a Republican candidate.

What happens after the presidential preference primary?

After the PPP, the the decision on who will represent the party is up to the delegates.

Political party delegates nominate preferred presidential candidates at each party’s national convention.

The party then decides at the convention which presidential candidate will represent its party in the November general election ballot.

Why aren’t Democrats voting for a presidential candidate in Florida?

THE Florida DemocratMagical party nonamed Joseph R. Biden Jr. as its only candidate and chose him for the November ballot last yearso there won’t be…

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