Which US state has the oldest residents on average? Hint: It’s not Florida

Florida is where older people come to relax in the sun.

We’re famous for it, ever since South Florida’s land boom in the 1920s and after World War II, when many older people left the Midwest and Northeast states to move south. The advent of air conditioning, effective mosquito repellents, and the interstate highway system hastened the process.

It was so common that it became a stereotype: when you get older, you retire in Florida.

So it’s no surprise, when looking at the states with the highest average age of residents, to find that the state with the oldest generations living is…Maine. What what?

Turns out Florida doesn’t even make the top five when you include Puerto Rico.

Which states have the oldest average residents?

According to Data from the United States Census Bureauas of 2022, the average age of residents is:

  • Maine: 45.1 years (43.9 for men, 46.4 for women)

  • Porto Rico: 44.7 years (42.4 for men, 46.8 for women) (technically a US territory)

  • New Hampshire: 43.3 years (42 for men, 44.6 for women)

  • Vermont: 43.2 years (42.4 for men, 44 for women)

  • West Virginia: 42.9 years (41.6 for men, 44 for women)

  • Florida: 42.7 years (41.3 for men, 44.2 for women)

The average age of U.S. residents is 39 years old. The national average age of men is 37.9 years and that of women is 40.1 years.

The state with the youngest average age (32.1 years) is Utah.

Which states have the highest percentage of elderly residents?

Between 2000 and 2020, the population of Americans aged 65 and older increased in every state, according to the Census Bureau.

Florida has the fifth highest percentage of elderly residents. 28.4 percent of Floridians are 60 or older, according to census data, trailing Maine (30.6 percent), Puerto Rico (30.4 percent), Vermont (29.8 percent) and Delaware (28 .5%).

Which states have the most residents 60 and older?

We are talking now. Even if Maine beats us in percentage, they can’t get close to us in numbers.

There were 423,421 people age 60 and older living in Maine in 2022. In Florida, there were 6,314,895.

The only…

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