When FOX and CNN agree, PAY ATTENTION! – Angry Bull

When FOX and CNN agree, PAY ATTENTION! – Angry Bull

Is GOOGL about to break, and will it result in the loss of Nancy Pelosi?

Let’s dig.

For starters, I can tell you that it often ends badly for companies that are in the crosshairs of the government for using “monopoly” tactics.

Well, that’s precisely what happened with GOOGL.

Would you be surprised if some of our top elected officials were aware of secret high-level discussions before any lawsuits or government regulations were initiated against a company as large and important as GOOGL?

No? Well, neither do I…and that wouldn’t surprise any other smart, savvy investor.

👉 What if I tell you that an elected specifically has been suspected to act on such information, who would you say this official is?

Let’s just say he’s a high-ranking official with such a long track record of being under suspicion that opponents have consistently made efforts to prevent it from happening again.

TOU Article

Now I’m not saying it’s named after Nancy, that might just be a coincidence…

But did I mention I’m a VERY deep sleeper?

It’s not because I’m a huge fan of all these new “sleep technologies” that are gaining popularity.

Instead, it’s because I have TOTAL confidence in the tools I’ve acquired and personalized where i can see secret trades.

The types of trades that top traders on Wall Street often place because they know something you don’t, and their only way to enter the trade with such a large position without attracting attention is to use the market dark pool. Yes, there are DARK POOLS on the market!

You do not believe me ?

So take a look at my Dark Pool Scanner below, which shows a 47 MILLION dollars in trade in (you guessed it!) GOOGL, just yesterday (01/26/2023):

dark pool scanner dashboard

And that’s just one layer, my friends – revealed by my Dark Pool Scanner.

And let’s not stop there – let’s check out my second “Smart Money” scanner…AKA the Unusual Options Scanner.

This scanner also confirmed and exposed huge GOOGL transactions yesterday.

unusual activity scanner dashboard

Listen, I can talk about how I have the legal internal route to finding where the Fat Cats of Wall Street are putting their money, but I have to go back to what I do best, and that’s actually education great retail traders like you how to use these tools to their advantage.

Today, it has never been easier or more affordable to learn this process.

My friend and CEO of RagingBull, Jeff Bishop, is giving me the GREEN LIGHT to offer you access to my ALL NEW Terminator Trades 2.0 Service with this full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Money back guarantee

When you consider that you get:

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Terminator trades commodities

It’s not hard to see why joining today is such a great opportunity.

Terminator Business Ideas arrive WARM now that I just released my brand new version 2.0.

Let’s face it, how long it could take for a bill as complex as the PELOSI Law to get approval in both branches could be considerable.

So are you really ready to pursue your business career at a serious disadvantage to corporate and government insiders?

Do not do that…I beg you.

Right now, I’m offering access to this BLOCKBUSTER suite for an amazing 50% discount.

All my years of trading and educating people on how to trade comes down to this moment!

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Let’s have a good weekend and see you next time!