What will the weather be like in Pensacola during the April solar eclipse?

Wondering how the weather will behave in Pensacola during the 2024 total solar eclipse? First forecasts suggest the Florida Panhandle will be luckier than most of the eastern half of the United States

The April eclipse will cast its shadow over just over a dozen states, stretching from Texas to Maine on April 8. The number of people who will see the eclipse is part of what makes this particular event so special, but forecasts from the Climate Prediction Center indicate that there will be widespread cloudiness and rain.

AccuWeather Meteorologist John Feerick reiterated these claims to USA Today in an interview, predicting “lots of clouds” from East Texas to the Ohio Valley.

What time is the solar eclipse? What time is the April 8 total solar eclipse in Florida? Find out here with your postal code

However, it is still a little early to predict the exact daily weather conditions.

In the meantime, AccuWeather Forecast for the Pensacola Area April 8 shows relatively clear skies for now.

The April 8 high is expected to reach 75 degrees with a 1% chance of precipitation and cloud cover hovering around 25%.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the North Carolina Institute for Climatic Studies gathered and reviewed historical averages to predict cloud conditions during the eclipse.

Together, the two groups predict that most of Pensacola will have a 64 percent chance of clear skies, while areas west of Pensacola, like Perdido Key and Naval Air Station Pensacola, only have clear skies. ‘around 50%.

What will the 2024 solar eclipse look like in Pensacola?

Interactive map of the 2024 solar eclipse

You can use this interactive map to get an exact time. Use your finger or mouse to navigate the map. You can pinch to zoom or use the “plus” and “minus” buttons at the top left.

Clicking or tapping on one of the orange dots will bring up a location where you can learn more about the timing and duration of the eclipse.

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