What Malaysia used to protest today is begging for India’s LCA Tejas TOU

What Malaysia used to protest today is begging for India’s LCA Tejas

What Malaysia used to protest today is begging for India’s LCA Tejas

India’s Tejas fighter jet is often in the news. It is currently under discussion in Malaysia. Malaysia is also eyeing this supersonic aircraft manufactured by India. According to an Economic Times report, the Malaysian Air Force is looking for 18 new light fighter jets, with the Indian LCA emerging as a top contender given its low acquisition cost and high technical rating. India is introducing the LCA MK1A version with modern AESA radar, new avionics and the ability to integrate air-to-air and air-to-ground weapons. At the same time, India is offering to build a complete maintenance and complete repair facility for the LCA fleet in Malaysia.

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What is LCA MK1A?

LCA Tejas MK. 1A- LCA is the most advanced version of the Tejas. Light Combat Aircraft Tejas is a single-engine, high-agility, multirole, supersonic light combat aircraft built in India. This indigenous supersonic aircraft used by the Indian Army is often in the news.

Fighter aircraft for Malaysia Apart from India, South Korea and China are also contenders in the bid, although India’s weight is heavier in the bid as Korea and China do not have backend contracts with Russian manufacturers to work on Sukhoi fighter jets. Malaysia currently has 18 Su 30 MKM fighter jets, similar to the MKI version in service with the Indian Air Force.

India has priced the LCA Tejas package at around 42 42 million per unit. The Government of India has set an annual export target of 5 5 billion or Rs 36,500 crore by 2025. According to Minister of State in the Union Ministry of Defense Ajay Bhatt, the value of India’s defense exports has increased almost six-fold since 2014, with defense exports of Rs 11,607 crore recorded till March 21 in the current financial year. If this deal is successful, India will go one step further to achieve its 2025 export target.

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The deal will improve relations between the two countries

This of a Malaysian fighter jet If the deal is done with India This will once again improve the relations between the two countries which were spoiled by the previous Prime Minister of Malaysia Mahathir Mohamad in an attempt to please Pakistan. Apart from questioning India’s CAA NRC, it also raised the issue of Muslims and Kashmir in India, which resulted in India banning the import of palm oil from Malaysia, which dealt a severe blow to Malaysia’s oil business.

At the moment, under the leadership of Muhaiddin Yasin, Malaysia is once again trying to improve relations with India and only this deal is able to make their efforts successful. This will not only bring Malaysia’s advanced technology aircraft to Malaysia but also help in repairing the strained relations and increasing Malaysia’s exports to India. That is, the silver of Malaysia is silver.

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