‘What kind of animal are they?;’ Cold case solved 60 years after grisly murder of Dayton mother

Decades after her death, investigators have answered the question of who murdered 43-year-old Daisy Shelton.

News Center 7’s Taylor Robertson spoke with Shelton’s granddaughter, Maria Walling, who shared her reaction to hearing the news that her grandmother’s killers had been found.

The affair began in June 1964, when a man fly-fishing at a local gravel pit caught a grisly catch; a human arm.

The next day, divers found the woman’s other severed arm, and that discovery launched a full-blown recovery effort that used search boats and pumpers to lower the water level in the gravel pit.

Over the next two weeks, the woman’s torso, leg and head turned up about a mile away, in a section of the old Miami-Erie Canal in Tipp City.

The woman was later identified as Shelton.

Photos of people searching for Daisy Shelton’s body in lake

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Shelton had been hit in the head with a hammer, cut into pieces and thrown into the water, according to Walling.

“It’s very, very shocking that a human being could do this to another human being,” Walling said.

Nearly 60 years later, she received a phone call from the Miami County Sheriff’s Office that her family had waited decades for: “We are ready to close the case.”

News Center 7 previously reported that the case was largely forgotten until 2017, when detectives said a witness came forward with more information.

“I finally tell myself. They found the killers, there were three of them,” Walling said. “I’m going to feel bad for the families who are going to find out about these three people who killed my grandmother.”

Daisy Shelton worked at Delco.

Walling never met her grandmother, but said she remembers how her father described her.

“She was nice, my dad said she was very strict,” Walling said.

Walling’s father, Rodney, died in 2020, before his death Walling said he rarely talked about his mother’s murder.

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