WFP-India’s ‘Grain ATM’ Innovation Award TOU

WFP-India’s ‘Grain ATM’ Innovation Award

WFP-India’s ‘Grain ATM’ Innovation Award

‘Annapurti’ is the name given to a grain-dispensing ATM machine that, while seemingly simple in concept, can deliver goods like rice, wheat and cereals to the people through clever innovation, in precise quantities, speed and hygiene. Getting help

As an automated content delivery machine, this GrainATM-complement verifies by biometric before giving consumers their chosen content. Just like an ATM, this machine, which ensures access to grain round the clock, gives people the full allotted amount.

Problems and solutions

India has one of the largest food-based safety nets in the world, with a network of over five lakh fair price shops, providing foodgrains to 813 million people every month at discounted prices. Is performed.

Under the existing system, FPS operators weigh and distribute grain by hand. But there are many problems. For this people have to queue for a long time, there is a strong possibility of grain falling and wasting, and sometimes people do not get their share of grain.

To address this problem, WFP in India developed the “Annapurti” machine, which, after biometric authentication, distributes selected grains (wheat, rice or millet) in appropriate quantities to each beneficiary.

The error rate of food supply is only 0.01 percent, and it is capable of delivering one or two kinds of 50 kg of grain in five minutes. The whole machine including the storage unit is modular i.e. can be easily configured according to the space available.

This machine is designed to consume only 0.6 watts per hour to ensure food safety with energy efficiency. Importantly, it can also be connected to solar panels, inverter batteries and elevators for automatic refilling.

The way forward

Ankit Sood, Head of WFP’s Supply Chain and Public Distribution System (PDS) Unit in India, explains, “… in ‘Annapurti’, food distribution during emergencies, increasing access to markets for small farmers and food-based security There is potential to be used to extend the net. ”

This grain ATM or Annapurti machine, developed in collaboration with the Government of India and WFP Innovation Accelerator, is currently being tested at fair price stores at two locations in Haryana and Odisha.

By the end of 2022, World Food ProgramAims to reach this grain ATM to more than 3 lakh people.

WFP Innovation Award

The World Food Program (WFP) Innovation Awards were established to honor outstanding innovations in the more than 120 countries and territories where WFP operates.

Following a review of entries by the WFP Innovation Consulting Group, the five winners of 2022 were announced on Thursday at the WFP Innovation Accelerator Annual Global Management Meeting (GMM) in Munich, Germany.

Through the Innovation Accelerator, WFP is taking advantage of unprecedented advances in digital innovation – such as mobile technology, artificial intelligence, big data and blockchain. At the same time, new business models are helping to change the way we serve starving communities around the world.

The Innovation Award recognizes innovative solutions, as well as those who are making a significant contribution to WFP’s overall goal of achieving ‘Zero Hunger’ by 2030.

Other winners

Other winners of the award were – WFP’s supply chain technical and nutrition division of WFP offices in Syria, Iraq, Ethiopia and South Sudan, OPTIMUS, WFP Pakistan’s ‘mill’ for nutrition improvement, WFP offices in Ukraine and Moldova. Since then, a fast cash transfer service and digital payment plan established by WFP offices in Zambia and Haiti – plugPLAY.

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