‘Were stuck;’ Downed power lines cause hours-long closure on busy highway

Interstate 75 through Butler and Warren counties was closed for more than four hours Tuesday.

Around 6:30 p.m., severe weather knocked out live power lines on I-75 in Monroe, according to a Lebanon Post Ohio State Highway Patrol dispatcher.

The highway was blocked from SR-63 in Monroe and Lebanon to SR-129 in Liberty Township, according to a previous News Center 7 report.

When the poles broke and the cables fell, more than 700 people were left without power, according to Duke Energy Outage Map.

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The cables not only closed the highway, but also fell on cars parked in the parking lot of a local car dealership.

A Duke Energy spokesperson told our media partner WCPO-9 that they are working to safely separate the downed lines.

As shown on Information Center 7 to 11:00 a.m.our crews traveled to Monroe to speak with those stuck in stopped traffic.

Dandre Burnett was one of many people stuck in traffic, whose worries grew by the minute.

“The power just went out. We are stuck in an impasse. We thought a tornado was going to hit us, but it didn’t,” Burnett said.

A few hours later, drivers stuck in traffic jams were able to continue their journey.

After 10:30 p.m., crews reopened the highway, an OSHP dispatcher confirmed.

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