Weird pink “vagina cloud” spotting rocks Twitter: “I hate my grimy…

Weird pink “vagina cloud” spotting rocks Twitter: “I hate my dirty…

Residents of Bursa, Turkey were left in awe on Thursday morning by a huge, distinctly shaped cloud that was seen shining like a pie in the sky.

Hundreds of people took to social media to share images of the unusual pink formation, with their videos quickly going viral across the world.

Many low-quality Twitter users responded to the clips from the cloud, saying the natural phenomena looked suspiciously like female genitals.

“A giant vagina!” proclaimed a perverse expert.

“Oh man, I hate my dirty mind. I should stop watching porn,” a second sleazy social media user joked.

The online excitement even caught the attention of The crown actress Gillian Anderson, who also hinted that the cloud resembled a human vagina.

“Now if that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is (that God is a woman),” the 54-year-old star said in a tweet shared with her 965,000 followers.

Others responded to the actress saying the cloud looked more like a UFO. Many then made jokes about Anderson’s most famous role in the sci-fi series “The X-Files,” in which she played an FBI agent investigating alien activity.

“Of course, I feel [a] missing episode of “The X-Files,” a fan wrote humorously.

A second chimed in:[It’s] a UFO calling for another season!

However, Turkey’s State Meteorological Service told local media there was no need for extraterrestrial investigators, saying it was just a rare “lenticular cloud”.

According to the organization, lenticular clouds usually form as a result of strong wind fluctuations over hills and mountains when the air is stable and moist. They most often form in the winter, but it is possible to see them at other times of the year.

Eyewitnesses said the shape remained untouched for about an hour before disappearing from the sky.

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