We found Apple AirTags on sale at Amazon – four for just $20 each

Apple AirTags are barely larger than a quarter, so these little gadgets are perfect for attaching to a keychain or purse, stashing in a suitcase, and even hiding on a bike. Then, if the item goes missing, you can use your iPhone to locate it – just like spies do in movies. So if you are preparing for a vacation trip or are simply tired of misplacing keys and valuables, then this is a good choice Apple AirTag is a must. And you’re in luck: We found a deal that’s offering a four-pack for an eye-watering $79.


If it’s less than 30 feet away, your iPhone will find it – down to the centimeter. If it’s lost somewhere in the world, Apple’s Find My network should help you locate it. Just be prepared to purchase some cases so you can attach these to your keychain and elsewhere.

$79 on Amazon

Why is this a good offer?

AirTags rarely go on sale, so this discount is worth a close look – especially considering a single AirTag typically costs around $28 each, bringing the cost to just over $19 per tracker lowers.

Why we recommend Apple AirTags

Each AirTag comes with a replaceable battery that lasts up to a year. To pair it with your phone, all you have to do is bring it close and tap a few times to set it up.

If an AirTag is within a radius of about 30 feet, your iPhone will help you find it using an arrow on the screen. If it is out of this range, Apple’s Find My network activates: Any other iPhone that is within range of your AirTag will help you determine its location. This is incredibly powerful… and kind of overwhelming.

However, note that AirTags do not come with a case or clip. So if you want to attach one to something (like a keychain), you’ll need to purchase an accessory. Luckily, Amazon is home a wide range of AirTag holdersmost of them pretty cheap (like these – Grab four for just $6 with Prime.)

Look how smart Alan is! He had the foresight to track his house keys with an Apple AirTag. Now he doesn’t have to stay in a crappy hotel tonight. So be smart…

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