Wayne County issues state of emergency order ahead of solar eclipse. What does it mean

It is likely that Wayne County will have many visitors for the total solar eclipse. What it lacks is a lot of road infrastructure.

“We have two major east-west routes and five or six north-south routes,” said Williamson Town Supervisor and Wayne County Board of Supervisors Chairman Anthony Verno, “so that’s our concern. “

As a result, the rural county declared a state of emergency for the day of the eclipse, April 8.

It will go into effect at noon and will be lifted when traffic congestion eases, Verno said.

Basically, this gives authorities the ability to temporarily close roads and change traffic patterns – such as creating a two-lane, two-way road – as needed.

Wayne County declared a state of emergency for the day of the eclipse, April 8.

Residents who can stay at home are advised to view the eclipse from there.

Additionally, “they should make sure they have enough food and medicine,” Verno said. “It’s the same kind of precautions you would take in a snowstorm.”

About 90,000 people live in Wayne County, and by one estimate, up to 50,000 tourists could come to experience it all.

However, it is impossible to know how things will actually play out.

Macedonia’s Microtel is almost full and the Best Western in Palmyra is full, as are Wayne County’s 12 bed and breakfasts, said Christine Worth, the county’s tourism director.

Verno has a friend who owns land that he rents out for camping. “Typically it doesn’t see activity until July,” Verno said.

But the grounds will be filled with visitors (mostly from the New York area) for the eclipse.

During this time, an unspecified number of people will stay with family members, on Airbnb or elsewhere in the area and travel to a picturesque Wayne County setting for the main event.

“I spoke on the phone with someone who is coming from Washington, D.C. and staying in Geneva, and his goal is to go to Sodus Point to watch the eclipse,” Worth said.

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