Washington’s Russia Strategy – India’s Disregard for Geopolitical Futures TOU

Washington’s Russia Strategy – India’s Disregard for Geopolitical Futures


Washington’s Russia Strategy – India’s Disregard for Geopolitical Futures

Under normal circumstances, India would have less reason to worry about what is happening in Ukraine. However, the current situation is far from normal. The war in Ukraine has rekindled US-India relations as Washington lobbies all of its key allies to join its economic attack on Moscow. So far India has protested. […]

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Alison Federica is the director of analysis for Geopolitical Futures. In addition to analyzing and writing about global geopolitical issues, he helps train new analysts, monitors the intellectual quality of the analyst’s work, and guides the forecasting process. Prior to joining Geopolitical Futures, Ms. Federica served as a Latin America Specialist for Stratfor and later as Regional Director for Latin America. She lived in South America – mainly in Argentina and Brazil – for more than seven years and, besides English, speaks fluently Spanish and Portuguese. Ms. Fedirka holds a bachelor’s degree in Spanish and international studies from the University of Washington in St. Louis, and a master’s degree in international relations and affairs from the University of Belgrano in Argentina. Her thesis was on Brazil and Angola and South-South cooperation.

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