Was Obamacare a success?

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President Biden has always considered The Affordable Care Act (ACA), the sweeping health care reform commonly known as Obamacare, is being called a “big fucking deal.”

Over the weekend he marked the 14th anniversary of the bill’s signing, although not with a celebration but with a warning that he could be in danger if it does Donald Trump wins back the presidency.

In 2017, Trump would have fulfilled his campaign promise to repeal the law with just a single vote in the Senate “broken mess” the health care reforms passed by his predecessor. Although this attempt failed, he was able to repeal certain provisions of the law during his time in office. Still, the core of the ACA remains intact and has even been strengthened under Biden.

Trump has given mixed signals about whether repealing the ACA is still one of his goals. Late last year, he wrote, “Obamacare sucks!!!” and said he was “seriously considering alternatives” if he becomes president again separate Posts on Truth Social. On Tuesday, however, he claims that he is not “running to abolish the law,” but instead to make it “MUCH, MUCH, MUCH BETTER FOR MUCH LESS MONEY.”

Trump’s hedging could be a response to how much public opinion about the ACA has improved since Republicans tried to repeal it. Some Republicans even worried that Trump’s criticism could harm him and the party in the 2024 election.

The passage of Obamacare in 2010 made significant changes to the way the U.S. health care system operates. It prohibits insurers from denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions, creates a list of “essential health care services” that must be covered, ends annual and lifetime spending caps, provides exchanges for patients to find a health insurance plan, and expands Medicaid eligibility, so that millions more suffer less -Income Americans are eligible for government-funded health insurance.

Opposition to Obamacare was one of the defining issues for the GOP in the early 2010s, and the GOP’s message – some of it based on false allegations around…

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