Warnings of stock market bubbles are everywhere. These are the 10 most richly valued stocks at the moment.

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  • With the stock market hitting record highs, some investors are concerned about a bubble.

  • High valuations and an AI hype cycle are the biggest concerns for bearish investors.

  • From AI to chicken wings, below are the 10 most valued stocks on the market today.

Record highs on the stock market and the growing hype around artificial intelligence are leading Some investors are concerned about a possible bubble.

Valuations are high, crypto is booming, and for some investors it feels like the 25%-plus gain in the S&P 500 since late October is too much too fast.

Economist David Rosenberg highlighted three glaring differences in the stock market earlier this month that suggest a downturn is inevitable, and Warren Buffett’s favorite valuation signal is nearing records. indicating that shares are richly valued.

When we look at individual stocks, it’s not just AI stocks that are rising. Everything from chicken wing restaurants to biotech companies are reaching valuations that seem unsustainable in the long term.

These are the 10 richest valued stocks on the market right now, with a market valuation of at least $10 billion, based on their price-to-sales ratio.

10. Trading desk

The Trading Desk/Twitter

ticker: T.D
Price-sales ratio: 22.0x
Market value: $42.7 billion

9. Palantir

Arnd Wiegmann/Reuters

ticker: PLTR
Price-sales ratio: 22.9x
Market value: $50.9 billion

8. Wing stop

Wingstop logo of an American chainSOPA Images / Getty Images

ticker: WING
Price-sales ratio: 23.4x
Market value: $10.8 billion

7. Cloudfare

Cloudflare CEO Matthew PrinceMike Blake/Reuters

ticker: NET
Price-sales ratio: 25.2x
Market value: $32.7 billion

6. Crowdstrike


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