Warning not to ignore new forms and types of coronavirus TOU

Warning not to ignore new forms and types of coronavirus


Warning not to ignore new forms and types of coronavirus

Director General Gabrieus told reporters in Geneva Corona virus Form and form are about to change and cannot be ignored.

The death toll last week was the lowest since the early days of the global epidemic, but there has been a sharp rise in infection cases in some countries, putting a strain on hospitals.

The head of the UN Health Agency said: “Our ability to track trends has been affected as tests have dropped significantly.”

He reiterated that it was important to increase the number of tests and the rate of sequencing so that existing types of coronavirus could be monitored and new ones could be found.

“Several subtypes of Omicron are currently being closely monitored, including BA.2, BA.4, BA.5,” said Director General Ghebraes. Also, other variants made from a combination of BA.1 and BA.2 have been discovered.

World Health Organization The US epidemiologist said subtypes of BA.4 and BA.5 are known in many countries in South Africa and Europe.

“Less than 200 sequencing is available so far, and we expect this to change … We are closely monitoring the virus to see an increase in cases, but no change in epidemiological or severity perspective has been shown yet.”

Changes in the virus

The UN agency’s emergency director, Michael Ryan, has warned that the virus is “constantly evolving” and that there is no risk of deafness.

He said the low number of transition cases did not mean that it would be short-sighted to assume that the risk was low.

“We are happy to see a reduction in deaths, but this virus has already taken us by surprise, and caught us without precaution.”

“When people return to their normal lives, we need to monitor the virus as much as possible.”

Meanwhile, the institute’s top scientist Dr. Soumya warns Swaminatha that subtypes of the virus will continue to emerge and the world will continue to invest in better equipment, including new vaccines.

“We must be prepared for the possibility that the virus may change so much that it neutralizes existing immunity.”

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UNICEF / Mahmoud Al Philastini

Community activists in Yemen are raising awareness about the dangers of COVID-19.

The head of the UN agency stressed that the virus is still deadly, especially for those who have not been vaccinated and do not have access to health care or antiviral treatment.

The best solution

Dr. According to Ghebraesus, the best way to protect yourself is to get vaccinated and take booster doses if prescribed.

Also, keep wearing a mask, especially in crowded places, to ventilate the room by opening windows and doors. This week, the International Health Regulatory Emergency Committee unanimously stated that the global epidemic is still a crisis of international concern.

He pointed out that instead of being careless, this is the time to work hard to save lives. All together Covid-19 In the fight against it, effective treatments, such as vaccines, should be made equally available to the public.

The head of the UN agency also stressed the importance of the new treaty on global epidemics and said the agreement would be a general defense against viruses and other future diseases.

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