Video shows woman clinging to hood of suspected dog thieves’ car in Los Angeles

Los Angeles police were searching for a group of suspected dog thieves who drove off with a French bulldog while its owner clung to the hood of the car, a sight captured on a passerby’s cellphone video.

The theft was reported Jan. 18 in downtown Los Angeles. Owner Ali Zacharias was eating lunch around 2:30 p.m. outside a Whole Foods market when she noticed the dog had pulled on its leash to get away, she said.

“I look up and there’s a woman holding him,” she said. “She gets into a car behind her.”

Zacharias said she was a little stunned and still trying to understand what was happening. Her first thought was that there was a misunderstanding, and she attacked the woman and explained that the dog, Onyx, was hers.

stolen purebred dog (LAPD)

“The last thing I might do is stand in front of the car,” said Zacharias, who runs a custom clothing business in downtown Los Angeles. “I was trying to put my body there. They hit me until I fell on the hood. I grabbed the windshield wipers.”

That didn’t stop the driver.

She said there were three women, including the suspected dog thief, and one man, the driver. Los Angeles police said Monday they were looking for two possible suspects: a man and a woman, both around 25 years old.

The vehicle sped away, Zacharias said, as she stood spread-eagled on the hood.

“They were swerving to reject me,” she said.

It worked. She was thrown from the hood a few blocks away and suffered cuts and bruises, she said. Police arrived within two minutes and left to try to find the vehicle, but returned empty-handed, she said.

Paramedics arrived and wanted to take her to a medical facility, but she refused, Zacharias added.

Over the weekend, while receiving information, she was lured into a scam, she said.

One man said he lived at a residence where the dog was being kept and said he could help her if she could send him $50 worth of gas so he could reach a place where they could meet. He remained incommunicado after receiving the money…

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