Utah lawmaker blames ‘diversity’ for Baltimore bridge collapse

Diversity, equity and inclusion has become such a hot topic across the country that a Utah politician, state representative. Phil Lymandeduced that this was why a massive container ship had struck and overturned the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, leaving six people presumed dead.

“This is what happens when you have governors who prioritize diversity over the well-being and safety of citizens,” Lyman, a Republican candidate for governor, said in a statement. a publication on X.

Lyman’s post included a retweet from the Federation of Young Conservatives, who wrote: “Let’s meet with the Baltimore Harbor Commissioners, starting with Karenthia A. Barber. She knows nothing about ports, but she is a “diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) auditor and consultant.” »

Satellite image of the cargo ship Dali, March 26, 2024. (Maxar)

A photo and biography of Barber, a Black woman, was included in the post.

Later, Lyman posted: “DEI=DIE”.

The barber is one of the six commissioners serve terms of at least three years to oversee the Port of Baltimore. In addition to her work on training, coaching and consulting at DEIB, Barber’s biography includes teaching experience at the university level and serving as the first female chair of the board of directors of Maryland Automobile Insurance . The biographies of the other five commissioners indicate that they also have extensive professional experience, including maritime science, shipping, the airline industry, corporate law and the Maryland Department of Transportation.

DEI consultant Nima White said Lyman’s claims were “not only irresponsible, anti-Black and anti-women, but also deeply flawed.”

White added: “By linking Baltimore Port Commissioner Karenthia Barber’s background to the accident solely because of her involvement in DEI efforts, conservatives like Lyman reveal their bias, ignorance and willfulness to say anything for votes.”

Neither Lyman’s office nor the Baltimore Port Authority responded to NBC News’ requests for comment.

But Lyman, speaking to…

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