USA Updates Wisconsin teacher who demonstrated for students in drag says he received a flurry of support TOU

USA Updates Wisconsin teacher who demonstrated for students in drag says he received a flurry of support


USA Updates Wisconsin teacher who demonstrated for students in drag says he received a flurry of support


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A Wisconsin High School Teacher The performer, who performed for students in drag as part of a “Fine Arts Week” event, said he has received support from the school community after clips of the performance spread on social media.

French teacher Matt Kashdan told WKOW, “The best part was that when I went back to school after having all this media stuff, there were signs around the school saying we support you, LGBTQ rights matter. “

Middleton High School in Wisconsin (Google Maps)
(Google Maps)

Kashadan is shadowed of Middleton High School “Fine Arts Week” earlier this month by donning a blue sequined dress and red heeled shoes while dancing to Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga’s song “Rain on Me.”

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A clip of the performance has since gone viral. At least one parent complained about the performance, while others criticized them on social media.

“I’m like, this opportunity might be cool to show my version of my art, my art,” Kashdan told WKOW about why she signed up to perform. “But it’s also a good opportunity for me to show the students – who cares? Just be yourself.”

Parents of a Middleton-Cross Plains area school wrote to local conservative radio host Vicki McKenna condemning the demonstration in an email, Empower Wisconsin reported last week.

“I send my kids to school and hand them over to teachers that I believe are professionals who will not destroy their innocence for their own pleasure,” the parent wrote.

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“If Matthew Kashdan decides to do his own drag show at school, what else does he do with the kids in his class? What kind of teachers thought it was appropriate? Drag shows are ‘fine arts’? If a teacher A teacher is a pole dancer or a stripper, can they also perform for my kids?” The parents continued.

Kashdan said people were even calling him a “pedophile” after videos of the demonstration spread, but said he had no regrets.

“People were calling me a groom, people were calling me a pedophile, people were calling me a narcissist,” Kashdan told WKOW. “It was homophobic.”

“This whole experience honestly pushed me to pull more,” he said. “All of this has just shown me the power to pull through and how important it is to our community.”

The school district representative told TOU Digital last week that the school was reviewing protocols for performances at Fine Arts Week.

“This year, an MHS teacher performed a routine in drag as part of a staff talent show. The school received a complaint about the performance from a parent. The school is reviewing protocols and procedures to ensure to ensure that all perspectives have been considered,” said a statement last week to TOU Digital from the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District.

Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District Spokesperson Shannon Valladolid described the school’s Fine Arts Week as one where students and teachers “showcase their talents in music, art, dance and theatre.”

According to Valladolid, parental permission was not required for students to participate in the program “several years since the inception of the event”. The week ends with a staff talent show. Staff members perform at the event by first signing up with a “Fine Arts Week Coordinator” and describing their work.

School officials sent a message to the school community that Kashdan had resigned from the school, but the resignation had nothing to do with the demonstration. The message also mentioned that “going forward, the performance of the employees will be scrutinized by a team including an administrator.”

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The message read, “The teacher involved in the controversial protest resigned from her position weeks ago. Her resignation is in no way linked to her performance. She will pursue other career paths outside education at our school next year.” Will not return to raise.” , according to WKO.

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