USA Updates Twitter suspends popular account exposing fanatical gender theories for ‘hateful conduct’ The Daily Wire TOU

USA Updates  Twitter suspends popular account exposing fanatical gender theories for ‘hateful conduct’  The Daily Wire


USA Updates Twitter suspends popular account exposing fanatical gender theories for ‘hateful conduct’ The Daily Wire


Tik Tok’s popular Twitter account Libs, known for exposing radical gender theories promoted by schools and teachers, has been suspended by Twitter for 12 hours for violating its rules against “hateful conduct”.

Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon first reported the suspension with a tweet. The vague notice from Twitter, shared by Dylan’s tweet, simply says, “We have determined that this account violated the Twitter Rules, specifically our rules against hateful conduct. In you Do not promote, threaten or harass violence against other people based on race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious illness Huh.”

As informed of Posts by Millennials, the owner of Tik Tok’s Libs, have recently expressed concern about being banned or censored from Twitter. Just a few weeks ago, the account told its followers, “It’s time for me to be suspended. Don’t know which post will be my last. If you want to make sure you keep receiving my content, visit the link under my bio and sign up for my email list. I will also publish some exclusive content for email subscriptions. Thanks for your support!”

The last tweet posted by the account showed a woman complaining about parents not wanting teachers to instruct children on sexual orientation and gender identity. Libs of Tik Tok captioned the post, “This is what the Left really thinks. Listen when they tell you. They want to take your kids to the groom and teach them behind your back.”

Tik Tok’s libs also ask their followers to subscribe to its newsletter in case Twitter takes action against it. Libs of Tik Tok also has an Instagram account.

The lockdown comes after the tech company faced the wrath of conservative accounts over the past few weeks. Last month, The Babylon Bee was blocked from her Twitter account for the same reason, after Libs of Tik Tok shared an article that named Rachel Levine as “Man of the Year”.

Levine, a biological man, is known to have come across as a transgender woman before being appointed to the role of assistant secretary of HHS by President Joe Biden. Most recently, Levine was named USA TODAY’s “Woman of the Year.”

Bee has yet to respond to Twitter’s demands that he remove the tweet, as Dylan stated, “We are not removing anything. Truth is not hate speech. If the cost of speaking the truth is the loss of our Twitter account, so be it.

TOU host Tucker Carlson was also kicked off Twitter after he shared screenshots of notices Twitter sent to The Babylon Bee and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk. He was also asked to delete the tweet within 12 hours, The Daily Wire reported.

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