USA Updates Ron DeSantis praises Daily Wire, staff reporter for pushing anti-abortion story The Daily Wire TOU

USA Updates  Ron DeSantis praises Daily Wire, staff reporter for pushing anti-abortion story  The Daily Wire


USA Updates Ron DeSantis praises Daily Wire, staff reporter for pushing anti-abortion story The Daily Wire


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis thanked The Daily Wire and reporter Mary Margaret Olohan for focused reporting on the remains of five preemie-sized babies killed through abortion in Washington, DC.

DeSantis credits The Daily Wire and Olohan to The Daily Wire and Olohan during the signing ceremony of a bill banning abortion in one pregnancy in Florida on Thursday.

“They are now taking the position that babies can be aborted until the ninth month,” DeSantis said. “It’s just fundamentally wrong. It’s feticide.”

“And you see how that type of mentality has led to conscience-shaking things in our society. We just saw this horrible scandal in Washington, DC,” he said, pointing to Olohan and her abortion. Those Dr. Cesare Santangelo and Washington continued before attributing their reporting to the Sergi-Clinic.

“They found all these remains of babies, and they found five that were basically infants, premature, but they could have survived outside the womb,” DeSantis said. “Yet Washington, D.C., is treating it like we’d treat the garbage from our lunches or something like that. It’s really horrifying to see this happen in our country, but especially in our nation’s capital.” in.

“It’s harsh, it’s wrong, and I want to thank [Olohan] And the Daily Wire to highlight it,” the governor said.

The Santangelo and Washington Sergi-Clinics came under fire earlier this month from pro-life voices over what some said appeared to be the remains of illegally aborted children. Santangelo received an investigation after pro-life group Progressive Anti-Abortion Rebellion (PAAU) said it had handed over the remains of five aborted babies to D.C. police. Police have yet to launch an investigation into Santangelo’s practice.

Centangelo suggested in 2012 that during an abortion in late pregnancy, he would allow the live birth to die instead of giving life-saving treatment. Undercover activists with the pro-life nonprofit Live Action caught Centangelo on camera explaining how he would handle a situation in which a baby who had to be miscarried was born alive during the procedure. As The Daily Wire reported:

Santangelo nodded, “You know, there are some things that you do. Obviously, you’re here in for a certain procedure, and if you had a pregnancy—let’s say you went into labor, the membranes burst.” , and before you get here to end the process, you know.

“Then we’ll do things, we won’t help it. We won’t intubate, let’s say,” he explained, noting that he “wouldn’t do any extras,” comparing letting the child die to letting a terminal person die. Kind,” he said.

Santangelo notes that if the mother was in a hospital in Virginia and went into labor and medical professionals saw her giving birth to their baby, they would do everything to help her baby survive.

“But you won’t?” Mother questioned.

“We won’t be here,” he answered.

The PAAU also alleged that the remains of aborted babies from Washington Surgi-Clinic were being sent to Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services, a Baltimore waste facility, for incineration. The Waste Facility denied the allegation, saying such an act would violate its company policy. The facility said in a statement that it offers customers “medical waste bags and boxes to be used in a manner that complies with applicable law.”

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