USA Updates Rebecca Corey is working her Louis CK sexual assault story into her act TOU

USA Updates Rebecca Corey is working her Louis CK sexual assault story into her act


USA Updates Rebecca Corey is working her Louis CK sexual assault story into her act


Rebecca Corey is being asked about Louis C.K. whenever the comic finds itself in the spotlight, which has been around since comedian Corey spoke out as one of five women who sexually assaulted the “Louis” star. was accused of. 2017 New York Times investigative story,

except for a 2018 Vulture Essay Regarding this, Corey refrains from addressing the sordid encounter, but is finally ready to address the matter through his work, he Explains Variety.

“One hundred percent. Yes. I’m absolutely going to talk about this. It’s part of my story and it’s my story,” Cory replied as she was now addressing the matter in her act.

“It takes time to process it,” she went on. “And there was something so incredibly painful and depressing and sad and hurtful about it, and at times I feared for my own safety, as I said before. Now I am able to process it and feel a disgusting and absurd I find some strange things in the situation. I think it takes time to turn trauma into humour.”

Rebecca Corey
“I think it takes time to process trauma into humor,” Corey said of speaking in his act on Louis CK.

Allegations, Joe “Sorry” Comic confirmed to be true, This also included turning down a request from the comic to masturbate in front of him.

After speaking, Corey believes she was the one who was actually “cancelled”.

“I Was Canceled In 2005, The Day It Was” [the encounter with C.K.] Happened,” she insisted. “It’s a cute idea about bull-tee hunters getting canceled but not true. They don’t get canceled, they just get an adult ‘time out.

“His behavior is momentarily interrupted, but fear not, he has staunch fans, millions of dollars and will always be in power. The people who get canceled are the ones whose lives and careers have been f-ked with , and I have. ”

Louis CK
Corey believes that Louis CK was never “cancelled”.
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Many questioned whether CK was actually canceled after that. Won 2022 Grammys For Best Comedy Album, a win that left the accuser Julia Woloway Crying dishonest.

As far as Cory is concerned, she refuses to give any more acknowledgment to stand-up outside of mining the experience for her next gig.

“I don’t care what that guy does, and of course the cancellation culture is real. I’m living proof. The moment I was sexually assaulted at my job, I got canceled. That’s how it worked.” Yes, kids. And referring to me as a ‘victim’, ‘accuser’, ‘silence breaker’ or ‘one in five women’ has become exhausting and now unbearable. My name is Rebecca Corey.”

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