Ukraine: Security Council calls for end to ‘stupid war’ TOU

Ukraine: Security Council calls for end to ‘stupid war’

Ukraine: Security Council calls for end to ‘stupid war’

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees, Kelly Clementes, while addressing the Security Council from Hungary, gave an update on how neighboring countries are incorporating Ukrainian refugees into their national education, health and social programs. About half a million Ukrainians have also taken refuge in Hungary.

“Such an inclusive approach is the best way to help refugees continue their lives during deportation, and it needs even more international help.”

The United Nations also estimates that there are approximately 13 million other people within the country in war-torn areas who are unable to evacuate and that it is difficult to reach them safely.

Beyond blankets and cash

The Deputy High Commissioner said, “No bundle of blankets, no amount of cash, no stockpile of medicines will be able to prevent death and destruction. While we will continue to provide assistance, we want the Security Council to do its part. ”

Callie Clementes stated that she had recently traveled to the Czech Republic and Austria, where she saw a high degree of empathy and solidarity. She is also planning to visit Slovakia.

These days, UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi has also visited Ukraine, and Assistant High Commissioner for Operations Rauf Mazou is currently on a visit to Moldova and Romania.

Inspirational actions

Kelly Clementes, a senior United Nations official, also mentioned the humanitarian actions that have been seen everywhere, including pasting messages of support on houses, windows and pillars, and providing as much personal help as possible.

At the same time, countries have kept their borders open and provided security and protection to those in need.

“We urge all those in need to continue this, without discrimination,” he said.

Trapped inside

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A young Ukrainian refugee in Poland using Google Translate.

Callie Clementes said that life-saving assistance would continue to be provided to the displaced people within Ukraine, especially in the central and eastern regions, where a brutal humanitarian crisis is imminent.

Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.

Increased risk of trafficking

International Organization for Migration (IOM) Director General Antonio Vittorino warned that more attacks on cities would result in more casualties and more displacement inside and outside the country.

He called on all parties to the conflict to fulfill their international legal responsibility to ensure the safety of civilians, their homes and civil structures.

Antonio Vittorino, citing the various dangers facing internally displaced persons, refugees and citizens of other countries, warned that in conditions of widespread displacement, about 30 percent of the population would have some form of negative psychological. Faces the effects.

He expressed special concern about women and children who have either had to flee their homes or have been displaced in any way.

The area has long been known for human trafficking and past crises have shown that large-scale displacement, separation of families and disruption of civil security and community networks put people at risk of violence, exploitation and mistreatment. Are.


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