UK signs agreement with Rwanda to send illegal immigrants to African nation TOU

UK signs agreement with Rwanda to send illegal immigrants to African nation


UK signs agreement with Rwanda to send illegal immigrants to African nation

On Friday, the United Kingdom signed a 156 million deal with Rwanda to address the issue of illegal immigrants. Calling it an “economic development partnership”, Home Secretary Preeti Patel signed the agreement with Rwandan Foreign Minister Vincent Biruta in Kigali, Rwanda. The purpose of this scheme is to save many lives from human trafficking.

Under the agreement, illegal immigrants and some asylum seekers in the UK will also be sent to Rwanda by the UK government. Once in Rwanda, they will be evaluated for their settlement in the African nation. This means that people entering the UK illegally as stoves in trucks or boats will not be able to stay in the country if caught. The purpose is to prevent people from entering the UK illegally.

PM Boris Johnson said some asylum seekers and all migrants entering the United Kingdom illegally would be relocated to Rwanda. “The agreement will see some people arrive in the UK on trucks or in small boats as stoveways, sent to 4,000 miles away in the East African country, where their asylum claims will be processed and, if successful, they will remain.” Said Johnson April 15.

Describing it as an innovative approach, the Prime Minister further said that the scheme would discourage people from making perilous attempts to cross the English Channel and drive out the smuggling ring. He further added that those who fail to comply with the scheme will be shifted to a third country or their country of origin.

However, the plan is being criticized by many, including the opposition, who have accused the prime minister of using the policy to divert public attention from his political troubles. In addition, refugee and human rights groups called the scheme inhumane, inefficient and a waste of taxpayers’ money. The UN refugee agency called on Britain and Rwanda to reconsider.

Larry Botinic, a senior UNHCR legal officer, described the plan as “disappointing and unnecessary”. “Experience has shown that these agreements are costly, often in violation of international law, use extensive detention and lead to more smuggling, not less. With this deal the UK wants to shift its responsibilities towards refugees, not share them, “he said.

Meanwhile, the agency’s assistant high commissioner for protection, Gillian Triggs Said People fleeing war, conflict and oppression deserve compassion and empathy. It should not be traded as a commodity and should not be transferred abroad for processing.

What will happen to migrants arriving in Rwanda?

The agreement between the United Kingdom and Rwanda ensures that those who migrate will be given a new way to live in Rwanda safely, with dignity and respect. They will find a permanent settlement based on the choice of the migrants. Jones said on Friday that the plan would be implemented in the country immediately and that all people who entered the United Kingdom illegally from January 1, 2022, would be deported to Rwanda.


According to Reports, Rwanda will provide the necessary support and motivation to the displaced people, including up to five years of training, integration, housing and health care, so that they can be rehabilitated and developed. UK Home Secretary Preeti Patel also said Rwanda would invest in infrastructure to support the future of migrants.

While the United Kingdom government has paid 156 million to Rwanda, reports suggest that the country will have to spend an additional $ 26,000 to $ 39,000 for each migration sent to Rwanda. The UK government is said to have made the decision after nearly 28,000 refugees and migrants landed on the southeastern coast of England after crossing the English Channel in small boats last year.

In the year 2020, 8500 refugees entered England by boat or by hiding in trucks and ferries. Some even drowned in the cold waters of the English Channel. The deal now ensures that no undiscovered boats enter the state.

It is important to note that despite Home Secretary Preeti Patel calling the agreement a “global first”, many other countries, such as Australia, Israel and Denmark, are sending asylum seekers abroad. Australia relocated more than 4,000 people between 2012 and 2019 to places like Nauru and Papua New Guinea. In addition, Israel signed deals with other countries to relocate illegal immigrants entering from Sudan and Eritrea.


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