Tunisia retreats on human rights as the world looks at it Geopolitical Monitor TOU

Tunisia retreats on human rights as the world looks at it  Geopolitical Monitor


Tunisia retreats on human rights as the world looks at it Geopolitical Monitor

Human rights violations are on the rise in Tunisia. When President Kais Syed staged them Rebellion On July 25 last year House arrest And Travel ban The charges were leveled at national figures and businessmen, whom Syed accused of corruption – without any legal basis. Facing Tunisians today Prohibition On appearances, KidnappingNo persecution BloggersAnd no repression Journalists.

These violations have been taking place for over a decade since the development of rights and freedoms in Tunisia in 2011. Rebellion. Freedom of association and the right to peaceful protest were protected. Citizens participated in national debates on topics affecting their livelihoods – from freedom of religion to the justice system, from economic reform to inheritance.

Tunisia’s 2014 constitution was international Welcome As the most progressive in the whole Arab world, it includes major human rights such as freedom of conscience, freedom of the press and women’s rights. Transparent parliamentary and presidential elections were held. Tunisia emerged as a desert island of peace and democracy in a region marked by civil war, dictatorship and sectarianism.

These democratic benefits are being shattered today because President Syed has reversed this. Since July 2021, it has taken one drastic step after another to destroy the foundations of democracy in Tunisia.

After taking over the powers of Prime Minister Hisham al-Mashishi, whom he named Fired Last year, President Syed adjourned parliament with the help of the Tunisian National Army, And held all the powers of the executive and legal branches. He has brought the judiciary to its knees, dissolved Tunisia’s elected Supreme Judicial Council and replaced it with a Council His personal worldview was shaped by a political system similar to Gaddafi’s democracy in Libya. In less than a year, he has led the country from a democratic transition to inactivity. If left unchecked, the consequences for democracy in Tunisia and throughout the Arab world will be catastrophic.

Contrary to Syed’s claims that he would retain rights and freedoms, both are rapidly disappearing in Tunisia. Becoming a Member of Parliament Tried Before military courts. MP Noureddine Bhiri was abducted and later detained at a public hospital without due process, indirectly implicating Syed in the case of enforced disappearance.

The civic movement, which includes national political figures and human rights defenders supporting the democratic transition, has restrictions on “Coop vs. Citizens”. On more than one occasion, the authorities objected to the movement’s leaders’ right to hold press conferences. In fact, there is massive press freedom Attacked In Tunisia today. Some opposition media outlets have been banned from broadcasting, and journalists are being harassed Took action.

Syed’s vague statements about his commitment to human rights take time when he implements his tough political project, while for Tunisian citizens he believes it will change their situation for the better, and misleads Western nations into believing it should be implemented. Wants. Democratic reforms.

Tunisians have taken to the streets since July last year to denounce these innocent attacks on their democracy. Academics, political parties and civil society have expressed fears that their country is moving towards dictatorship.

It is worrying that Western powers, particularly the Biden administration, are still concerned with responding to what is happening in Tunisia. Indifference, As if they have decided to leave the people of Tunisia at the mercy of dictatorship and democracy. No Western official has explicitly condemned Saeed for his constitutional rebellion and for usurping the power that is destroying the country.

The United States is Tunisia’s main military and economic aid provider. He has been instrumental in arming and training the Tunisian army and helping it fight terrorism. In order to protect the Tunisian people and their hard-earned democratic benefits, the United States must suspend all support for the current regime in Tunisia.

The international community should understand that there is no point in pretending that Saeed’s appointment of a woman Prime Minister and her announcements on the election calendar are indicative of any real democratic goals. It is clear that his promises will only be fulfilled because they will keep him in power, dismantle state institutions, and establish a democratic regime that will ultimately allow him to become the next Gaddafi or Khamenei. The world cannot afford to let that happen.

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