Trump’s 2024 Launch Could NOT Get Worse |  The daily thread

Trump’s 2024 Launch Could NOT Get Worse | The daily thread

Trump’s 2024 Launch Could NOT Get Worse | The daily thread

On Election Day 2022, Donald Trump couldn’t bear that the news of the day was about… not about him.

So, as Republicans prepared for a final day of campaigning in hopes of taking control of the House and Senate, Trump announced he would make a “special announcement” in exactly one week.

But those seven days have been brutal for The Don. Almost every election-denying candidate endorsed by Trump has lost. His hand-picked candidates in a multitude of states, like Dr. Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania, fell in a fire of shame.

Then Republicans and political pundits blamed Trump for the GOP’s poor performance. Exit polls revealed that large numbers of voters turned out just to vote against Trump’s nominees, and his presence was enough to launch close races against the Democrats.

So far, so good. But then came the night of the announcement. Trump hosted the event in the showy Mar-a-Lago ballroom with an elite guest list.

But as Trump bloated, some of these people grew weary and decided it was time to go. They were annoyed by what ABC’s Jonathan Karl called an “incredibly low energy” speech – which lasted just over an hour – so they headed for the exits.

ABC’s Olivia Rubin shot video of a crowd heading for the gates to leave as Trump strolled in the background.

“A crowd has formed outside the ballroom as some try to leave Trump’s announcement speech before he’s finished…. But security won’t let them,” he said. – she writes on Twitter.

Charles said“I’ve actually seen people trying to leave and people leaving early before he’s even finished. He’s still talking now. And then they, I think maybe a little worried that the room is getting too empty, they actually started stopping people from leaving, so now they’re not allowing people to leave.

Predictably, CNN and MSNBC gave the speech lightly. But surprisingly, TOU cut off his speech before he finished and never returned.

And things are already going from bad to worse.

“Even the Tea Party isn’t fully behind former President Donald Trump, as one of the movement’s founders, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund President Jenny Beth Martin, said her influential group would not participate in the 2024 race until Georgia’s run-off is concluded,” the Daily Mail reported.

Once-bullied Republicans openly blamed Trump for the midterm election losses — something that wouldn’t happen if he still wielded the influence he once had. And they’ve also started openly discussing other possible 2024 candidates, from Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin.

The discussion got so far that political pundits began speculating whether Trump would play the spoiler role by running as a third-party candidate if he was shunned by the GOP in the nomination process.

Max Burns, founder and chief strategist of Third Degree Strategies, told the Mail he didn’t think Trump would sink that low.

“After the way Donald Trump mishandled his 2020 loss, I’m not sure he’d be willing to reach out for a third-party offer that would almost guarantee not just his loss, but Biden’s landslide re-election. “, Burns said. “But Trump’s unpredictability worries even Republicans: it’s simply impossible to predict what he will do if his ego is bruised.”

But David Greenberg. a presidential and cultural historian from Rutgers University, told the British newspaper that bringing down Trump would be a tall order.

“I don’t think the GOP can ‘hunt Trump.’ How? He has the money and the media exposure to run in the primaries and if he wins, he wins,'” Greenberg said. other side, if he loses and shows up on a third ticket — a huge question mark — that would obviously be a problem for Republicans.”

But the historian noted that even if Trump gets 10% of the vote, it could kill Republicans in 2024.

“In a nation divided almost 50/50, where most of our presidential elections come down to very close votes in a few equally balanced states, both parties must retain the full breadth of their coalitions,” Greenberg said.

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Joseph Curl covered politics for 35 years, including 12 years as a White House correspondent for a national newspaper. He was also editor of the Drudge Report for four years. Send tips to [email protected] and follow him on Twitter @josephcurl.


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