Trump poised to win Nevada delegates after Haley humiliation

By Tim Reid

(Reuters) – Donald Trump is poised to win all of Nevada’s delegates in the state’s Republican presidential nominating caucuses Thursday, as he moves closer to becoming his party’s standard-bearer to the White House and a likely general election rematch with US president Joe Biden in November.

Former President Trump, the Republican front-runner in his party’s nomination race, is the only major candidate in the Nevada caucuses Thursday and is all but assured of winning the state’s 26 delegates to the nominating convention of the party in July.

The caucuses, organized by the Trump-friendly Nevada Republican Party, come two days after a state-run primary election that saw a humiliating defeat for Nikki HaleyTrump’s latest rival for the Republican presidential nomination.

Although she was the only major candidate in Tuesday’s Republican primary vote, Haley was still soundly defeated after tens of thousands of Trump supporters went to their ballots to mark “none of these candidates “, an option which received 63% of the votes against 30 for Haley. %.

Trump is poised to win the Republican nomination after back-to-back victories in Iowa and New Hampshire last month.

Haley, a former UN ambassador, refuses to leave the nomination race, a decision that has infuriated Trump. Haley is committed to staying in the race and a possible last fight in her home state of South Carolina, which has a Feb. 24 primary election.

Haley has no clear path to the nomination and is far behind Trump in South Carolina, where she served as governor for six years, according to opinion polls.

Competing Republican runoffs in Nevada this week were the result of a conflict between the state’s Republican Party — led by Trump allies — and a 2021 state law that requires a primary to be held.

Presidential nominating caucuses are run by the state’s political parties, not the state, and the Nevada Republican Party has decided to stick with a caucus on Thursday. This was seen as more helpful to Trump due to…

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