Trevor Noah Is Producing Fortnite Comedy Special ‘Jocknight’ – Hollywood Reporter

Didja hear about the stand-up comedy special with llamas and “Slurp Juice” in that game?

Comedian Trevor Noah, who hosted this year’s GRAMMY Awards, is producing a new stand-up comedy special through his Day Zero Productions. But the special isn’t for Comedy Central, HBO or Netflix, it’s for FortnitePopular open world franchise from Epic Games.

Specific, jokeknightLaunches on Wednesday (it’s the island code 6296-7829-6524 if you want to experience it yourself, or on the “Epic Picks” section of the search page) and will feature performances from Matthew Broussard, Preacher Lawson, Scott Cise and Marcia Belsky. Are included. ,

“Each comedian delivers a motion-captured performance in Fortnite outfits, against a digitally rendered comedy club backdrop,” Day Zero says.

“With Joknight Royale, we’re mixing two things my mom never wanted me to get into, comedy and gaming,” Noah said in a statement. “I’m excited to step into this uncharted territory, break down traditional barriers, and offer fans a new, dynamic way to experience comedy.”

Sanaz Yamin, Dan Zubrzycki and Chloe Ifshin produced the special for Day Zero Productions, while Derek Van Pelt and Madeleine Busseret produced for Mainstay Entertainment.

Epic Games was already in the news on Wednesday, with Disney investing $1.5 billion and promising to create an entirely new universe — with interoperable Fortnite – Built around Disney IP.

Fortnite It’s already been used to launch special performances from the likes of Travis Scott and Eminem, though stand-up comedy specials are another type of performance that gamers can experience on the platform.

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