Transparency file, first part of 2022 |  Meta


Transparency file, first part of 2022 | Meta TOU

Transparency file, first part of 2022 | Meta

Today we submit our newest transparency file for the primary part of 2022.

As at all times, we attempt to be open about how we offer protection to privateness, safety, and get admission to to customers’ on-line knowledge. That’s why we submit semi-annual transparency reviews to offer main points at the numbers and deal with duty in our paintings. Over the years, we’ve got expanded our reporting to incorporate the quantity of content material restrictions in accordance with native regulation, the choice of international Internet disruptions that prohibit get admission to to our merchandise, and extra just lately our proactive efforts to offer protection to highbrow belongings. In addition, our transparency file comprises the Report at the utility of Community requirements for the 3rd quarter of 2022, which gives knowledge on how we’re taking motion towards non-compliant content material on our platforms.

Government requests for consumer knowledge

In the primary six months of 2022, the govt requests for consumer knowledge greater by means of 10.5%, from 214,777 to 237,414. Of the whole quantity, the United States continues to post the biggest choice of programs, adopted by means of India, Germany, Brazil, France and the United Kingdom.

In the United States, we gained 69,363 requests, which is 15.6% greater than the whole we gained in the second one part of 2021. Non-disclosure orders prohibiting Meta from notifying the consumer greater rather by means of 0.6% to 71.1% within the first part of 2022. Additionally, following transparency updates presented in the United States Freedom Act of 2016, america govt lifted the non-disclosure. 3 orders National Security Letters that we gained between 2016 and 2019. These requests, along side the authorization letters from america govt, are to be had beneath.

As now we have mentioned in earlier reviews, we at all times evaluate each and every govt request we obtain to make sure that it’s legally legitimate, irrespective of which govt is asking for it. We agree to govt requests for consumer knowledge simplest after we consider in excellent religion that the regulation calls for us to take action. In addition, we assess whether or not a request complies with the world over known human rights requirements, together with due procedure, privateness, freedom of expression and the guideline of regulation. When we agree to this, we simplest produce knowledge this is carefully adapted to that request. If we decide {that a} request turns out inadequate or too large, we will be able to reject it and combat in court docket, if important. We don’t supply governments with “back doors” to other people’s knowledge. For additional info on how we evaluate and reply to govt requests for consumer knowledge and the safeguards we observe, please see our FAQs.

Content Restrictions

Where content material is flagged as violating native regulation, however does no longer violate our Community Standards, we would possibly limit get admission to to that content material within the nation the place the native violation is said. During this reporting duration, the quantity of content material restrictions in accordance with native regulation greater by means of 75% globally, from 50,959 in H2 2021 to 89,368 in H1 2022.

Internet disruptions

We oppose shutdowns, throttling and different disruptions to web connectivity and stay involved in regards to the pattern in opposition to this means in some nations. Even transient disruptions in Internet services and products can hurt human rights and trade. This is why we file the choice of web disruptions brought about by means of governments around the globe that affect the supply of our merchandise. In the primary part of 2022, we known 64 Facebook provider disruptions in 15 nations, in comparison to 38 disruptions in 12 nations in the second one part of 2021.

Intellectual belongings

Finally, we file at the quantity and nature of copyright, trademark and infringement reviews we obtain every semester, in addition to our proactive movements towards possible piracy and counterfeits. In In the primary part of 2022, we got rid of 4,790,449 content material pieces in accordance with 1,720,846 copyright reviews; 700,736 items of content material in accordance with 285,331 emblem reviews; and a couple of,509,130 ​​content material pieces in accordance with 112,614 counterfeit reviews. We have additionally proactively got rid of 36,221,125 content material pieces for copyright causes and 103,308,131 content material pieces for infringement causes.

Protecting other people’s highbrow belongings rights stays a best precedence. By early 2023, we will be able to release a web page devoted only to serving to train other people about how Rights Manager combats infringement on Facebook and Instagram.

We proceed to fortify our dedication to transparency. You can see the complete file for more info.