Tornado-ravaged communities eagerly await FEMA help

Uncertainty for most people who called a Logan County Park mobile home.

Their tornado-ravaged neighborhood is in disarray, and the few people left are hoping FEMA will help them.

Missy Johnson’s house is damaged, but it is still standing.

“I feel happy to be alive and have a structure to work with,” Johnson said.

His neighbors cannot say the same.

The damage was so extensive that crews destroyed what was left, but thanks to others, Johnson is still in his place.

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“They lent us generators and provided us with gas,” she said.

But she is in difficulty and doesn’t have much money.

“The bare minimum would be between $10 and $15,000,” Johnson said.

It has broken windows, a crumbling roof and deep gouges in the siding.

She doesn’t know how she’s going to repair the damage.

“I had $500 saved…that money is now gone to nothing,” Johnson said.

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A big problem for her and others is that they didn’t have mobile home insurance.

“We are a liability to the insurance company,” she said.

She applied to several organizations, hoping to get financial help.

But got no response, his last hope is FEMA.

“From what I understand online I qualify, praying they can fix my trailer. I love it here,” Johnson said.

But if that happens, she has no idea what she’s going to do, and it terrifies her.

“I’m afraid I won’t find the financing to repair (my trailer). I’m not going to lie… there is financing out there but I don’t know if I’ll get it or how much,” said -She.

FEMA is expected to conduct a damage assessment Tuesday.

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