The UNHCR strongly opposes the UK-Rwanda Refugee Process Agreement TOU

The UNHCR strongly opposes the UK-Rwanda Refugee Process Agreement


The UNHCR strongly opposes the UK-Rwanda Refugee Process Agreement

The UN agency said in its initial response that the agency was not involved in the negotiations between Britain and Rwanda for the agreement, which is being described as part of an economic development partnership.

British Prime Minister Boris Jones has said the project will cost about $ 160 million and will save many lives from human trafficking, according to reports. At the same time, those who cross the English Channel – the waterway between the southern part of England and the French coast – will be spared.

Gillian Triggs, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees’ Assistant High Commissioner for Protection, said: “The UN is strongly opposed to any arrangement that would allow refugees and asylum seekers to be deported to third countries for lack of proper security and standards.”

He described such arrangements as a way to avoid the obligations of refugees and to avoid international compulsions, which is against the spirit and objectives of the refugee convention.

Show unity

The UN refugee agency has urged both countries to reconsider the plan.

At the same time, he warned that instead of protecting refugees from difficult travel, such exclusion measures would only increase the risks, as refugees would try to take alternative routes, which would also increase the response to countries along the way.

For decades, Rwanda has been providing safe haven to refugees who have been forced to flee conflicts and persecution in their own countries.

Most of them are forced to live in camps where economic opportunities are very limited.

The UNHCR says rich countries should show solidarity in supporting Rwanda and the refugees already living there, and not go the other way.

Gillian Triggs, Assistant High Commissioner for Refugee Protection, underlined, “We need to show compassion, kindness and empathy to those fleeing wars, conflicts and persecution. They should not be traded as consumer goods and they should not be sent abroad to hear their requests. ”

The UN refugee agency said in a statement that Britain had a responsibility to provide safe entry routes for asylum seekers, integrate refugees into the mainstream and ensure the safe return of those who do not have a legal right to stay in the country.

While Britain is making arrangements under which these responsibilities are being delegated to other parties. This poses a threat to the international refugee protection system, which has seen tough tests and saved millions of lives over the decades.

Shelter management

Britain has repeatedly supported the UN refugee agency, including the protection of refugees; And important contributions such as assistance to countries facing conflict situations. This includes Ukraine.

The agency stressed that, however, the country’s financial assistance abroad cannot change the country’s obligation to grant asylum to refugees, regardless of race or nationality, or whether they have reached the country by road.

Although the UN agency acknowledges the challenges posed by forced displacement, it also says that in developed countries, the number of refugees around the world is very low, while they have humane, fair and efficient ways to respond to refugee requests. Has the ability to think.

Don’t avoid responsibility

The UN refugee agency has in the past expressed opposition to the completeness of Australia’s migration policy to other countries, including the deportation of displaced and asylum seekers to the Pacific island nation of Nauru, Australia. Thousands of kilometers away. To

The UN refugee agency has made it clear that it does not support the process in countries where there are no strong security and protection of human rights. In doing so, those countries try to avoid them, rather than fulfilling their obligations to protect refugees.

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