The StepCrew will bring Irish dancing to FM Kirby Center

Feb. 2 — WILKES-BARRE — Virtuoso Irish dancers The StepCrew will come to the FM Kirby Center on Wednesday, March 13 at 7 p.m. as part of the FM Kirby Center Signature Series presented by Geisinger and media partner WNEP.

Tickets are on sale now for $10.00 and can be purchased online at, ticketmaster.comand at the FM Kirby Center box office.

Take Nathan and Jon Pilatzke, two brothers from rural Ontario who randomly got into stepdancing and Canadian violin as young children. The two boys, like a surprisingly large number of other Canadian children, spend their summer weekends traveling across Ontario and participating in violin and stepdance festivals.

Years later, Nathan and Jon are pursuing their art forms into professional careers. It is in this forum that they meet the lead dancer of the Chieftains. Cara ButlerSeveral times Irish Stepdancing Champion and the three friends unknowingly and unintentionally create the core, both physically and conceptually, of a new dance production aptly titled “The StepCrew”.

The StepCrew is a completely original presentation of three percussive dance styles – Irish Stepdancing, Ottawa Valley Stepdancing and Tap – in a fully realized theatrical setting.

This mission couldn’t be clearer as the curtain rises on a brief taste of each style in its traditional form, followed by a flash to the senses, leading the entire company to dance a uniform style – a style that Jean Butler of Riverdance knew. could only describe as “a unique and seamless blend of all three.”

From there, this incredible venture takes you on a journey from a house party in the back kitchen of an old Irish cottage, to a lamp-lit sidewalk in New York, to a camp of French-Canadian loggers in Quebec, using nothing other than their feet. .

While it is undeniable that The StepCrew is a celebration of dance, there is no denying the musical abilities of the instrumentalists — two of the dancers themselves being recognized and champions…

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