The scare surrounding the Stanley Cup front-runner is nothing to worry about, experts say

You may have heard of the Stanley Mug, the hot, trendy water bottle that has people camping out in front of stores or fighting to get their hands on one.

They’ve become a fashion accessory, especially since Stanley leveraged influencer culture to appeal to women and skyrocket sales of his drinking glasses. The reach of the bottles was increased by social media users.

But social media give and take. There have been several widely circulated posts published in recent weeks Tick ​​tock, Instagram, Reddit and X have increased their concerns that Stanley cups may contain lead, with one “The leadership.” YouTuber have also jumped into the fray. A TikTok video on the topic was viewed almost seven million times.

Some Stanley owners started doing this in hopes of verifying the claims Use home lead testing kits, which experts say are not reliable. A Initiation of the Stanley Cup phenomenon on “Saturday Night Live” over the weekend — a sketch called “Big Dumb Cups” — even mentioned the lead in passing.

The main discussion surfaced on Facebook Comment sectionslike a group with more than 61,0000 members called “Stanley Cup Hunters + Drops” – for “passionate Stanley Cup fanatics.”

One person wrote, “If we want to embellish and display our lead cups with a floral straw cover and a glittery boot, then let’s not do it!!” We know they have leadership, that’s what you told us. We dont care!”

You may be wondering: Do I have to throw my Stanley mug down the fireplace? (No. Don’t actually throw anything down your fireplace.) We have some answers for those of you who really want to get with the times and drink water fashionably.

Yes, according to the Company website. It says the “vacuum insulation technology,” which keeps the cup’s contents at an ideal temperature, “uses an industry-standard pellet to seal the vacuum insulation at the bottom of our products.” The sealing material, it says, “contains some…

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