The One Love team explores the icon’s music and message .

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles premiere of Bob Marley: A love took place at the Regency Theater in Westwood, where the theme of the evening was the star’s prolific spirituality and how that commitment translates through his musical movement.

“You can’t separate the music and the message,” is a quote from Kingsley Ben-Adir, who plays Marley in A love, we can hear him say in the trailer. This phrase is a reminder that Marley used reggae music as a means to promote peace, love and unity in his Jamaican culture and around the world.

“Incorporating that line into the film was really important,” the star said. The Hollywood Reporter on the red carpet. “When you understand what Bob says in his songs, he talks about God. He sings to God through him.

Ziggy Marley, who is Bob Marley’s son and producer of the film, explained why his father used singing to connect with others and overcome adversity. “Music is a powerful tool if you use it correctly, and this was his tool,” he said. “He kind of sacrificed himself for that message.”

It’s a message that screenwriters Terence Winter and Frank E. Flowers wanted to capture during pivotal moments in Marley’s life, including a shooting and his exodus to London. These moments, Winter said, are “terrifying in places and inspiring in others, and heartbreaking and uplifting. All of this happened in a very small part of his life.

Bob Marley’s influence also extended beyond the stage and into his own home with his children, as Ziggy Marley recalled that growing up, fathers “want you to be like them”, and ultimately , his relationship and experiences with his father prepared him for the film. .

“They never got in his car…

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