The Islamists began whining

The Islamists began whining

The Islamists began whining

Engagement of Aamir Khan’s daughter: They’re infidels, it is a crime to do that, it is a crime to do this, they may be able to’t do this in our faith. group at all times. Nowadays, those other folks proceed to focus on other folks of their very own faith for one explanation why or some other. Now imagine the engagement of Bollywood actor Aamir Khan’s daughter, Ira Khan. Aamir Khan’s daughter’s engagement reasons numerous issues for Islamists And he abuses Aamir Khan and his daughter for it. Insulting feedback are continuously made on social networks via many of us from the similar group.

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Islamists livid over her engagement to a Hindu boy

Now you should be pondering that if Ira Khan were given engaged (the engagement of Aamir Khan’s daughter) then it is his non-public topic, what will be the downside for any individual? Why are the Islamists panicking about this? In truth, the actual explanation why for this furor is that Ira Khan selected a Hindu boy for marriage.

Yes, Ira Khan had a love affair with Nupur Shikhare for a very long time. Nupur Shikhare is a well-known health instructor. Reportedly, he has given trainings to Aamir Khan in addition to many different Bollywood actresses. Ira and Nupur have been courting for a very long time and now each have were given engaged East. The engagement pictures of the 2 are going fiercely viral on social media.

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Indecent feedback about Aamir and his daughter

Aamir Khan additionally regarded more than pleased along with his daughter’s engagement. But the place did he assume that when his daughter’s engagement, he can be trolled like that and abused like that. People of his personal faith will name Aamir Khan a jihadist on social media.

A consumer named Masab Khan whilst abusing Aamir Khan urged him to modify his title. So, alternatively, a consumer named Adeel Ahmed crossed the road and commented on his daughter’s get dressed, which we will be able to’t even inform you.

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On the opposite hand, an individual via the title of Sameer Ahmed wrote that those other folks don’t seem to be even ashamed of the rest they curse. A consumer named Saad Ahmed Shah mentioned you haven’t any faith, your faith is cash. Mushtaq’s title additionally mentioned: “Let your self face the ravages of Allah.” One such consumer wrote that this used to be a case of opposite love jihad.

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In this manner, the engagement of Aamir Khan’s daughter with a Hindu boy is abused on social networks and those individuals who name themselves ambassadors of peace abuse Aamir Khan and his daughter Ira. We see him say issues.

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muslim stars marry hindu ladies

Here, just a Muslim lady goes to marry a Hindu boy, so the Islamists don’t seem to be in a position to digest this factor. They are making numerous noise about it and venting their anger on social media. These Islamists had been infuriated via the engagement of a Muslim lady to a Hindu boy, whilst there are lots of such examples in Bollywood itself, when a Muslim superstar married Hindu ladies. The title of Aamir Khan himself could also be incorporated in it. Aamir Khan married Kiran Rao in 2005. Kiran Rao is Hindu. At the similar time, Aamir Khan’s first marriage used to be to Reena Dutta and he or she used to be additionally a Hindu.

Apart from that, actor Arbaaz Khan married Malaika Arora. Although the 2 divorced after 19 years of marriage. Naseeruddin Shah is married to the Hindu Ratna Pathak. Leave all this, take handiest Shahrukh Khan, whose spouse is Gauri Khan. These are only some examples and I do not understand how many such instances we can see in Bollywood and around the nation the place Muslim boys marry Hindu ladies. In truth, instances of affection jihad additionally proceed to be introduced to us from the rustic, during which it’s been observed on a number of events {that a} Muslim boy tries to transform a Hindu lady via environment her up.

After such instances stand up, the lesson of Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb is taught. But now the query for Islamists is that after Aamir’s daughter goes to marry a Hindu boy, then the place did Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb move? Why is he inflicting them such a lot hassle?

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The Islamists began whining

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