The CDC estimates that the JN.1 COVID variant now accounts for more than 90% of cases in the United States

Almost everything new COVID-19 Cases in the United States are now caused by JN.1 variantsay the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, with an estimated 93.1% of infections now being attributed to it heavily mutated strain.

The CDC’s latest biweekly estimate of the variant’s spread was published Friday. Key trends reflecting the spread of COVID-19 are now showing signs of slowing after peaking during the winter holidays.

“Several key indicators point to a nationwide decline in activity,” the agency said said Friday in its weekly report on respiratory viruses.

The virus is only trending in the south Increase in wastewater in recent weeks, according to the CDC tally through Feb. 1.

Most of the country is also seeing sharp declines in COVID-19 cases diagnosed in emergency rooms, except for the South, where trends in some states now appear to have roughly plateaued.

Also the agency published On Thursday there was new data from its pharmacy testing program that suggests this season’s results updated COVID-19 vaccines had 49% effectiveness against symptomatic JN.1 infection in people treated between two and four months since vaccination.

“New data from the CDC shows that the updated COVID-19 vaccines were effective against COVID-19 from September 2023 to January 2024, including against variants of the XBB lineage, which is included in the updated vaccine, and JN.1, a new one “Variant that has become dominant in recent weeks,” according to the CDC said in a post on Thursday.

CDC officials said other data from ongoing studies using medical records also provided “early signals” that the severity of JN.1 was real no worse than previous tribes. That’s a step beyond the agency’s previous statements that there was “no evidence” that the strain caused more severe illness.

The CDC’s new variant estimates mark the culmination of a rapid surge in JN.1, which still accounted for less than half of the agency’s infections…

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