“The bullet that killed Palestinian journalist Shirin Abu Akleh came from Israeli forces.” TOU

“The bullet that killed Palestinian journalist Shirin Abu Akleh came from Israeli forces.”

“The bullet that killed Palestinian journalist Shirin Abu Akleh came from Israeli forces.”

Shirin Abu Akleh, a senior Al Jazeera journalist, was trying to cover an arrest operation and clashes by Israeli security forces on May 11 in the Jenin refugee camp in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories – north of the West Bank. He was shot dead.

Shirin now has a long experience of reporting in the Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories.

Extremely distressed

Raveena Shamdasani, a spokeswoman for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, said in Geneva on Friday: It is disturbing that the Israeli authorities have not yet conducted a criminal investigation. ”

Raveena Shamdasani said after the incident was investigated by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, “The monitoring carried out by our office matches the findings already available there that the bullet that killed her was fired at the Israeli security forces. Came from. ”

The Israeli mission in Geneva issued a statement rejecting the conclusion, stressing that in the absence of a joint investigation by the Palestinian Authority and the handing over of the bullet, it was not possible to say which side was responsible. .

Last moments

Speaking to reporters in Geneva, Human Rights Office spokesperson Raveena Shamdasani also gave details of Shirin Abu Akleh’s last moments.

“At about 6:30 in the morning, four journalists arrived on the road leading to the camp, wearing bullet proof helmets and special jackets with the word” Press “written on the front. They were hit by a number of bullets that came from the direction of the Israeli security forces and were deliberately aimed. One such bullet wounded Ali Sammaudi in the shoulder, and another hit Shirin Abu Akleh in the head, killing him instantly. ”

The spokesman elaborated that the investigation used the same methods and systems that have been used in similar situations in other countries, and said there was no evidence of any activity by armed Palestinians in the area. .

Shirin Abu Akleh and his allies, “also came forward slowly, intending to show their presence to the Israeli security forces stationed nearby. Our investigation has revealed that no warning was issued and at that point, no other firing was taking place at that time. ”

Every approach

Raveena Shamdasani said, “We have inspected the photos, videos, audio materials, we have visited the scene, we have consulted experts, and we have also seen the official communication messages; And when Shirin Abu Akleh died, we also talked to the people there at that time … Based on this very close surveillance, we found that the bullet that killed Shirin came from the Israeli security forces. Was; And not from any indiscriminate firing by armed Palestinians. ”

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Ns Unsplash / Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona

A poster in support of Palestinian journalist Shirin Abu Akleh during a demonstration in London.

A UN human rights spokesman said that after Shirin Abu Akleh was shot, an unarmed man tried to reach his body and another journalist, who was hiding behind a tree, but several single bullets were fired. “Those single bullets continued to be fired, and eventually the man managed to get Shirin’s body out.”

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet Urges the Israeli government to launch a criminal investigation into the deaths of Shirin Abu Akleh and the deaths and serious injuries of other people by Israeli forces in the West Bank.

The Office for Human Rights says that since the beginning of this year, it has confirmed that Israeli security forces have killed 58 Palestinians in the West Bank, including 13 children.

Spokesperson Raveena Shamdasani said, “Under international human rights law, it is imperative to conduct a speedy, complete, transparent, independent and impartial inquiry into all such use of force that results in the death or injury of people.”

“The culprits must be held accountable,” he said.

Israel has rejected the findings of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights’ investigation and said that the Palestinian Authority had not handed over the bullet that killed Shirin Abu Akleh.

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