“The biggest threat to us in the short term is other people”

Last week, at our first StrictlyVC evening of the year, leading AI investors Elad Gil and Sarah Guo joined us in San Francisco to talk about how they think about AI investing in a world where deals are closed two months in advance. were increasingly being bid for, and where, reportedly, some startup teams are now looking to sell Because of the cost of building their software.

We talked about some of their deals, whether valuations have gone wildly ahead of themselves, and also how the two — who co-host a popular show i have a podcast Operate together.

For example, Gill has reportedly raised more than $2 billion from investors over the past few years, money he is investing almost single-handedly. At the event, he declined to confirm the amount but said he was always raising some kind of support. For example, after a former Chief of Staff set up my own company, Gill hired some “highly technical” people to help him understand something about the new technology. One of these is Shreyan Jain, a former software engineer at Ramp who has two computer science degrees from MIT, and who “built an embedding playground” with another engineer in Gill’s class so that they could “natively “Can swap any underlying vector in and out” [database] In any embedding framework, so we can play with different tools,” Gill said.

Gill – who despite raising so much money from outsiders also injects his own capital into the deals – also underlined the importance of creating clear guidelines with his own investors to move ahead of perceived conflicts of interest. “If you have clarity about how you are going to act, it makes a huge difference. It gets rid of ambiguity, it gets rid of uncertainty, it gets rid [bad] Emotions,” he said.

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